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Macon A.P.’s Hidden Hideaway 4274 Broadway Macon 478-781-5656 Classic rock n’ roll bar with burgers, salads, sandwiches, wings and more! Homestyle Southern Cookin’ Sundays! Outdoor seating available. L/D/Bar $ The Backburner 2242 Ingleside Ave Macon 478-746-3336 Elegant dining featuring steaks, chops, seafood, and more! Thursday is Lobster Night (call

Though a pounding gullywasher has given way to a light summer sprinkle, I am crossing my fingers and praying to the parking space gods for mercy as I frantically search for a spot within shouting distance of Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen. It’s just past high noon on this drizzly day

A public forum to discuss Confederate monuments and the various points of view about what they symbolize will be held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 6, at Middle Georgia State University. This event, hosted by Middle Georgia State’s History and Political Science department, will take place in the Arts Complex

Lucious Hawthorne has been working on bicycles longer than many of you readers have been alive. So long, in fact, that he’s known around here simply as “Lou from the bike shop.” I first met Lou about 15 years ago when I started riding mountain bikes. He, along with Nate

Sunday, August 13th is yet another exceptionally hot day in Macon, Georgia. On days like this, you expect every sensible human being to be out of sight and indoors, basking in the AC and inhaling ice tea, or whatever it is that us Southerners are suppose to drink. You certainly

I’m not calling names. She said it herself: “On my computer, I have this background on my desktop. It says, ‘Please be as weird as me, please be as weird as me, please be as weird as me.’ And then a line, like a dash for who said it, ‘Me,

“They call me Willie,” he said as he got into my truck. Beard to his chest; long hair once red, turned blonde, turned white; red bandana headband—there is no question as to how 76-year-old Wallace Thompson earned this nickname. But Wallace’s connection to outlaw country musician Willie Nelson extends beyond

For a married couple, the 25th anniversary is a major milestone – spending a quarter of a century sustaining a relationship with the same person is an epic achievement. 25th anniversaries are traditionally associated with silver, known for its radiance and brilliance, and meant to symbolize the harmony and good

California surfer girl, punk, beatnik, flapper, hippie – what do these have in common? They’re all easily recognizable icons of countercultural hipness, and they’ve all, at one time or another, served as muse for Jenny Lawson’s ever-evolving, always discerning personal style. Jenny had a happy, easy country childhood in the

While The Bearcats offer a mixture of original and cover songs during their live performances, they also boast a fun and energetic presence to boot. The Bearcats, Will Davis (bass/lead vocals). T.J. Wayt (guitar/backup vocals), Cliff Cranford (guitar/backup vocals) and Dustin McDearmid (drums), will be performing July 15th at Wellston