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This week; Grammy-award winning bassist Trae Pierce & the T-Stone Band, Chris Bandi, Susto, The Vagabonds and so much more! FRIDAY 4.28 The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom Trae Pierce & The T-Stones 10 PM // $5 The Grammy-Award winning bassist of the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama comes to

Anybody who knows much about living in New York City will be familiar with the concept of a bodega; bodegas (that’s Spanish for small store) are community hubs, offering grocery-store necessities and treats in a convenient residential location. Bodega owners and customers often develop a rapport, and the small, family-owned

George Clinton revolutionized R&B Music.  He twisted soul music into funk and mixed in some psychedelia that would basically define a new genre.  Simply put, there is Parliament Funkadelic, and then there is everyone else.  Possibly from another Planet, a theory even he himself believes, Clinton and his star children

Dear Mary, I guess it’s time I let you know where I am! I am in the hottest little town in America, known as Macon, Georgia, occupying a room in an attic, working nights as a bus-boy at a light-drinking establishment known as the Pig’n Whistle and spending my days

You’re about to head out on tour, what do you do to prepare yourself before a couple months out on the road? Nothing [laughing]. Nothing, I know those songs backwards and forwards and I’ve been singing them for a long, long time. All I need to know is what time

  Talking with Bruiser Braswell you wouldn’t think he was the singer and frontman for a brash and rowdy punk band called Taped Fist.  His persona on stage, sometimes intimidating and most of the time shirtless, is quite the opposite in real life.  He has an infectious laugh and the

The New Year garners new goals, and 2017 is without exception. A study by a Dominican University of California professor suggests people who write down their goals “accomplish significantly more” than those who do not. While personal resolutions are often at the forefront of new yearly ambitions, add being accountable

An annual tradition at The Grand Opera House for 19 years. And it continues to sell out thanks to Berry’s stage performance and wide appeal. Show at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $38.

Bringing you a night of improv with our new improv troupe, “Aren’t you Steve?” Tickets are $7. Doors are at 7:30PM. Show at 8PM.

There’s something thrilling about the specific combination of sensory input that hits you when you first walk into an arcade – between the chorus of video-game noises, the bright blinking lights, and the familiar retro graphics of the games themselves, you can’t help feeling like an excited little kid again.