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When it comes to the old arthouse two-step in Macon, Georgia, we like to do the damn thing. Say what you will, but no shortage of curious patronage or enthusiastic support for trying something new on stage or in studio seems to have stifled many aspiring artists over the years

The four-day Macon Film Festival was named one of Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine.  Screenings will be held at four venues located within three blocks in downtown Macon: The Douglass Theatre, Theatre Macon, Macon-Bibb Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Cox Capitol Theatre. Filmmaking

Founded in 2005, Macon Film Festival is an annual event held in the heart of historic downtown Macon. The four-day Macon Film Festival was named one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the world by Moviemaker Magazine. The festival includes screenings independent films that you can’t see in

The Macon Film Festival announced that Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Burt Reynolds will be a special guest at the tenth annual festival, which will be held July 16-19, 2015. Mr. Reynolds will headline the Special Screening of DELIVERANCE, which was filmed in Georgia, on Friday, July 17,

Macon Film Festival Surrounded by a rich musical and southern culture, the Macon Film Festival celebrates independent films while promoting filmmaking for entertainment, inspiration, education, and economic development. For a complete schedule of events visit 10th Annual Macon Film Festival After another record-breaking year in 2014, the Macon Film