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Sunday, August 13th is yet another exceptionally hot day in Macon, Georgia. On days like this, you expect every sensible human being to be out of sight and indoors, basking in the AC and inhaling ice tea, or whatever it is that us Southerners are suppose to drink. You certainly

Presented by Bragg Jam. Bragg Jam, with support from McDuffie Center for Strings, is excited to host internationally renowned violinist Robert McDuffie, and R.E.M.’s Mike Mills back in their hometown of Macon, as part of their rock concerto East Coast tour. Tickets $20 and up. Visit

by Matthew Wentz FRIDAY – This year, I finally attended my first Bragg Jam. It began with a treasure map. The day before the festival proper, Field Note Stenographers hosted a secret concert with the bands Oak House (Athens,GA) and Roly-Bots (Macon, GA) at a location undisclosed until just before

Punk Rock Life Lessons and Zombies: Reflections on Bragg Jam 2015 by Jared Wright After approximately a decade’s experience with Bragg Jam, I feel I’m professional enough to make this definitive statement on the festival: Beware, the zombies come out at 12:23. I was standing at the Mill watching the

Rain or shine, bands spanning all genres take on a variety of stages across the city and put on one unforgettable show after another in a jam-packed, rock, blues, and soul-infused night. The Bragg Jam Festival isn’t just for live-music lovin’ night owls. During the day, Bragg Jam’s Arts &