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Traci Burns

Traci Burns

Curious, I polled a group of my friends to see what first came to mind when they heard the word “burlesque.” For me, there’s an iconic image burned into my psyche – me sitting front row at a performance in Athens, momentarily stunned as a dancer shimmied up to me,

Stebin Horne is a man on a mission, and that mission is, in its purest form, helping people slow down and enjoy their lives a bit more. Horne’s savvy lies in connecting people with products that will help them move away from the dronelike adult routine of work-eat-sleep-repeat and into

You may not know Kathy Hoskins by name, but chances are, if you’ve been around middle Georgia for awhile, you’ve seen some aspect of our city filtered through the lens of her unique perspective. As creative director for the advertising agency Bright Ideas Group, she’s done award winning work for

It’s hard to imagine many things in life that couldn’t be improved by the presence of good beer. Family dinners become more tolerable; holiday gatherings are immediately more exciting; even health fairs can turn into festivals with enough delicious craft beer added to the mix. Wait a minute. Health fairs?

Anybody who grew up in middle Georgia is familiar with the name Sidney Lanier – he’s one of our literary claims to fame, a nineteenth-century poet and scholar considered to be on par with Whitman and Dickinson as far as influential writers of his era go. With all the musical

Spend an afternoon wandering around downtown Macon and you’ll bear witness to a fascinating variety of spaces, from newly constructed lofts to impeccably gorgeous architecture to dilapidated, mysterious abandoned industrial buildings. The various sights definitely inspire thoughts  like; What used to be here? Who lived here a hundred years ago?

Usually a couple nights per week, you can walk into Fresh Produce Records downtown on MLK and see some of the most diverse, eclectic, innovative live music around town – could be bizarre experimental noise, could be exuberant hip hop, could be a cult singer-songwriter. The one thing that’s consistent

Summertime in Macon is transforming into a season filled with varied, exciting artistic offerings of all genres. Theatre Macon is throwing their hat into the ring in 2016 with the first annual Summer Theatre Festival this July. The concept is to produce and present three different shows at three different

Being a great DJ is about so much more than just playing song after song – it means having impeccable and varied taste, confidence in yourself and passion about the music you’re playing, an almost ESP-like ability to read the vibe of a crowd, and of course the technical skills

In the nearly two years since SparkMacon was founded, the space – which was started as a way for local creatives to have access to equipment, workspace, and each other – has grown in leaps and bounds. Nadia Osman, SparkMacon’s director, says, “[We] developed from community input and have been