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Traci Burns

Traci Burns

For as long as I can remember, libraries have been magical places for me. Even as an adult, I’m transfixed with joy when I walk inside a library building – I love the intentional quiet, the sharp smell of books, the feeling of walking down aisle after aisle filled with

Florence Allen spent the bulk of her career working in the insurance industry. Owning a small business, much less a toy store, wasn’t something she’d ever expected to do, but here she is, ten years in, having created a thriving little niche in the middle Georgia marketplace. William’s Fun Smart

case you’ve been living under a rock, let me remind you that Macon has our very own radio station – 100.9 The Creek, named after the mound-builders who settled our area, has been working hard to celebrate our heritage, promote community pride, amplify cool authentic local voices, and play the

There’s a solid tradition of big, over-the-top rock musicians and bands performing alongside a symphony orchestra; Roger Waters, Elton John, Eric Clapton, and even Metallica have chosen to attempt to merge the boisterous, excited rawness of rock with the more precise, melodic rhythms of the symphony, and the results are

Browse through the list of upcoming cooking classes at Robinson Home, downtown Macon’s gourmet kitchen & interior goods store, and you can’t help getting a little hungry – there are classes on Latin American cuisine, paella, Fall baking, French bistro cooking, even cooking with beer. Mmmm. “We’d been open for

Oftentimes, media representation of what it’s like to parent an autistic child paints a bleak, isolated picture – children ‘trapped’ behind their diagnosis, unable to interact with their families or the larger world; parents sad and struggling, wondering what could have been if only things were different. As parent to

On September 21, 2005, Katherine Stafford received some news that would change her life forever. A 1997 graduate of Mount de Sales Academy, Katherine loved to express herself via all types of art – drawing, painting, photography, fashion design – and she loved music, especially Tori Amos. She had just

There’s something about the Allman Brothers Band that inspires a fierce, familial loyalty and sense of community in their fans; even though the bulk of the band’s musical output came out decades ago, and even though the lineup of musicians that compose the band itself has gone through multiple changes,

Tommy Sadler is a friendly, charming, enthusiastic sweetheart of a man – when I visited his new restaurant Tommy’s Cafe and Bakery early one morning for an interview, he was busy in the kitchen doing what he does best; instead of having me wait for him to finish, he insisted

There aren’t a lot of spots in middle Georgia that look and feel just about the same way now as they did twenty years ago – either age and neglect have done their dirty work, or progress and modernization have forced a facelift. For the Cox Cafe downtown on Lower