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Traci Burns

Traci Burns

Roderick Cox is a stunningly accomplished, laser-focused musical powerhouse; at age 29, after spending a year as assistant conductor for the Minnesota Orchestra, he was named their associate conductor. (Video footage of his energetic debut – which has been viewed over two and a half million times – can be found

“Kids are by far stronger than adults,” says Kristine Steinmann, Vice President of Operations and Program Services at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Georgia. “Adults will give up on something in a heartbeat. If you give a kid a task, and you give them the right kind of

“There’s something in the water in Macon – if you have any kind of artistic ability, any little glimmers of creativity in your soul, this town’ll bring it out of you,” says Kelly Sullivan Joyner, paralegal at Nelson & Smith by day, wedding officiant/planner at Willow Cottage Weddings on evenings

About a year and a half ago, Stephen and Connie Rollyson were in their Winnebago, heading back to Warner Robins from a camping trip they’d taken in Florida, blasting the radio, when Stephen had an epiphany – he needed to switch gears in life and start working in some form

Considering our climate here in middle Georgia, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for us to enjoy traditional winter sports – the only kind of skiing that gets done around here is behind a boat out on the lake every summer. But lucky for us, the Macon Mayhem, members of

In May of 2015, the Historic Macon Foundation announced a new vision statement during their annual meeting. On the surface, the change was slight, just one word adjusted – the earlier version stated that Historic Macon aimed to be “the premier preservation organization in the region,” whereas the new statement

When I talked to Santa Claus on the phone this morning, he was cheerfully zooming up I-75, heading towards one of several retail-store appearances scheduled on his busy December calendar. Instead of a famous red-nosed reindeer guiding his sleigh, a robotic GPS voice gave instructions in the background to help

There’s something thrilling about the specific combination of sensory input that hits you when you first walk into an arcade – between the chorus of video-game noises, the bright blinking lights, and the familiar retro graphics of the games themselves, you can’t help feeling like an excited little kid again.

A lifelong music aficionado, Ross Riddle majored in Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville; during his college years, he interned at Sony Music, then later took a job working in their mailroom. A budding interest in fashion brought him to New York in 2010, where he found an internship

There are some people who are born knowing what it is they want to do in life, and they push forward, powered by that knowledge and certainty, to fulfill what they’ve always known as their destiny. There are people who don’t ever seem to be able to pick a path