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Traci Burns

Traci Burns

“Gabriel, my husband, is a writer,” says Becca Balmes, the 33 year old self-taught visual artist and owner/operator of [&] Guild, Macon’s only public artist-run space. “He can go to coffeeshops and write. He can sit there all day if he wants to – he has writer friends who do

It all started a few years back at the Macon Beer Fest. Brian Whitley, a homebrewing aficionado who’d quickly turned pro after several of his recipes had gone on to win awards at various beer festivals, was judging a homebrew competition along with Richie Jones, restaurant industry veteran and owner

46 years ago, Ed Grant Jr. took on the risky venture of opening his own nightclub in downtown Macon, Georgia – especially risky given the climate of the times, and the fact that a black man running a club that catered to a racially mixed audience was bound to attract

My first exposure to improv as an art form came in the form of Comedy Central-aired reruns of the British tv series Whose Line is it Anyway; I didn’t know anything about improv, but I knew that the show was innovative, original, and hilarious – sometimes surreal, sometimes dirty, sometimes

“Philanthropy’s kind of my thing,” laughs Collin Holder as he rattles off an impressively long list of career accomplishments, volunteering experiences, and nonprofit involvements for someone as young as he is. A Macon native, Collin attended Mt. De Sales Academy, which he credits for instilling within him the importance of

“One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m a huge Disney fan,” says Jeff Kressin, owner of Just Tap’d and the newly opened Ocmulgee Brewpub in downtown Macon. “What I’m most drawn to is the original concept of what Walt was trying to provide. He

Bob Lennon is sitting on a toilet, pants around his ankles, breaking up weed onto a hotel-room-issued Holy Bible balanced on his lap; out in the bedroom, two women are engaging in a little light rope bondage. “When you real, you real – when you fake, you fake,” Bob raps.

Roderick Cox is a stunningly accomplished, laser-focused musical powerhouse; at age 29, after spending a year as assistant conductor for the Minnesota Orchestra, he was named their associate conductor. (Video footage of his energetic debut – which has been viewed over two and a half million times – can be found

“Kids are by far stronger than adults,” says Kristine Steinmann, Vice President of Operations and Program Services at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Georgia. “Adults will give up on something in a heartbeat. If you give a kid a task, and you give them the right kind of

“There’s something in the water in Macon – if you have any kind of artistic ability, any little glimmers of creativity in your soul, this town’ll bring it out of you,” says Kelly Sullivan Joyner, paralegal at Nelson & Smith by day, wedding officiant/planner at Willow Cottage Weddings on evenings