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Traci Burns

Traci Burns

Mardi Gras – also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday – is a day set aside for indulgence. Stemming from ancient pagan spring and fertility rites, the revelry was incorporated into Christian traditions rather than eradicated altogether, and the celebration is meant as a kind of last hurrah before

A lot has happened for East Macon rapper Bob Lennon in a year. Last February, when I interviewed him for The 11th Hour, he confidently conferred upon himself the label of rock star, and said that someday Macon would wish they hadn’t slept on him. He detailed the difficulty he’d

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing some of middle Georgia’s best, brightest community leaders taking the stage to shake what their mamas gave them and belt out tunes like “Conga” by Gloria Estefan, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band, and “I Wanna Rock” by Dee

Summer vacation feels like it could’ve been last week, and Halloween was just yesterday, right? There’s no way it’s Thanksgiving already. At least, that’s how it feels, and yet here we are, heading full-force into the holiday season at breakneck speed. Might as well embrace the chaos – get those

Bre Person grew up in Fort Hill with a doting mother who “made the best childhood she could for me by herself – I didn’t have it all, but she made sure I felt like I could have the world and more.” He was immersed in music from a young

From his first day in Macon, Chris Smith has been plugged in. A photographer, he said he’s intrigued, not just by the images he makes, but by our growing and changing community. And if the stamps on his passport are any indication, he’s seen a few interesting communities. “Being here,

Having a solid exposure to the arts is an integral part of any good education. Art is about more than just drawing or painting – art helps encourage unconventional, creative thinking; it can serve as a bridge across cultural differences; it helps us understand the scope of human experience; and

When Karen Bray talks about her defiant teenage years, she doesn’t immediately call to mind the usual struggle  – “I did a year at the University of Richmond,” she says. “It’s the kind of college campus with sororities, frats, lots of tradition – it wasn’t that authentic to who I

If your experience of Perry is limited to your once-a-year visit to the Georgia National Fair, it might be time for you to take a little road trip – the Georgia National Fairgrounds are impressive, sure, but there’s a whole different vibe going on in downtown Perry. While Macon’s downtown

For a married couple, the 25th anniversary is a major milestone – spending a quarter of a century sustaining a relationship with the same person is an epic achievement. 25th anniversaries are traditionally associated with silver, known for its radiance and brilliance, and meant to symbolize the harmony and good