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Stacey Norwood

Stacey Norwood

Wanted since 2004 for the murder of his mother and stepfather in Liberty County, the jig was finally up for Jason Howard, alias Kevin W. Lewis, in 2012 when Macon police arrested him as a transient looting local automobiles. Among the collection of “peculiar items” later discovered at the remote

Though a pounding gullywasher has given way to a light summer sprinkle, I am crossing my fingers and praying to the parking space gods for mercy as I frantically search for a spot within shouting distance of Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen. It’s just past high noon on this drizzly day

A rash of brazen armed robberies across Macon this summer continues to strain county resources while putting local retailers and shoppers on edge. Officer Dominique Williams is talking a mile a minute from behind the wheel of her county-issued patrol car.  I’ve volunteered for a media “ride-along” and the Macon-Bibb

Growler USA has taken the old campfire song 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall to heart, done it one better, and created the craft brewpub of a tailgater’s dreams. The concept is deliciously simple: Offer a mouthwatering menu of upscale pub-grub plus more than 100 local craft beers and

When it comes to the old arthouse two-step in Macon, Georgia, we like to do the damn thing. Say what you will, but no shortage of curious patronage or enthusiastic support for trying something new on stage or in studio seems to have stifled many aspiring artists over the years

• THE COLD CASE FILES • When the city fathers of Macon undertook the architecture and design of Rose Hill Cemetery in 1840, they envisioned a glorious “City of the Dead” that would “rob even the grave of its accustomed gloom.” And as good Christians are wont to do, these

Gloria Marable is quietly holding court in the Pink Room. A row of bewigged Styrofoam heads stare mutely back at her as she speculatively eyes the options she has chosen for the client sitting in the salon chair before her. Styling comb poised, the owner of Shh It’s a Wig

The little yellow “Poison Pills” hitting the streets of Central Georgia right now may not look much, but they contain a cocktail so lethal, local lawmen are urging illicit buyers to not even touch them. “If anyone comes into contact with these pills, please don’t handle them,” Macon-Bibb Sheriff David

“No matter how much MFs hate me, I gotta keep my eyes on the prize!! Ain’t nothing stopping me!!” – Arika “Lottie Dottie” Jarrell, March 26, 2014 Arika Jarrell never saw them coming. Long after the witching hour had passed on May 29, 2014, shots rang out from behind Jarrell’s

At 6:55 p.m. Monday evening, the makeshift funeral procession for Lori Williams began. As a  nondescript dark van pulled slowly down a longish gravel drive off Klopfer Road in Juliette, a tag on the front bumper reading “Monroe County Memorial Chapel” hinted at the vehicle’s grim cargo. The solemn and