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Seth Clark

Bone fides are hard come across. They’re earned. And when they’re attained, they can vault a messenger to a pedestal that requires a keen sense of responsibility to people looking for clarity in a world that lacks anything resembling such. The Drive-By Truckers have bone fides. For decades, they’ve assumed

The Cherokee Bricks of Tindall Heights have housed children forced to grow up fast for generations upon generations. The shudderless windows and clotheslines have separated parents working to give their children a life better than their own since the second Great War. In 1956, it housed Otis, Fannie Mae, and

“There’s Something Different About This” Opiates, like kudzu, are an invasive species. During the winter, they seem confined in an area you can deal with when the weather is better. Pulling them up at the root is just too much trouble, so, you treat it around the edges to keep

Anyone that grew up in or around Macon knows it’s different today than it was a decade ago. There’s not one reason for this. It’s an amalgamation of hard work, strong leadership, and a community intentionally caring about how they’re going to live. But there is a line in the

By Seth Clark Phil Walden once described his life as “Southern Gothic as Hell.”  Now, nearly a decade after his death and over 33 years since the unique label vacated the music mecca it made, Macon is bringing its folkloric, Southern Goth past back to the forefront. What Capricorn Was.

Hawkinsville native, Jeezy, released a video earlier this week for his recent single, “Where I’m From” about his second home, Macon. In VICE’s “Noisey” era of parachute journalism, southern trap music is just one genre to get the Brooklyn golden touch, widening interest in it. As such, it’s brought a