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Meagan Evans

Meagan Evans

Brad Evans Tony “Bone” Dorsey first picked up a trombone in high school band class, in tribute to his father’s love of Dixieland Jazz.  He grew up in Homer, Louisiana, just south of New Orleans and his family was steeped in music. “There was no escaping listening to music in

It is hard to believe, in the cacophony of negativity we hear about the city, that Macon does anything well. Yet Macon has been quite successful in lots of ways. One of the most successful imports into Macon is Chris Floore, and even if you don’t know his name, I’m

Barely a Stones throw from the Banks of the Ocmulgee River and the quaint little main street of Juliette sits a place unlike just about any other in Middle Georgia. Juliette Trading Company is  a place where Tie-Dyed T Shirts, hand made furniture, antiques and oddities that will blow your mind, mix

By Chris Nylund The brewing and consumption of beer goes as far back as the Egyptians, who not only held the beverage in high regard, but often used it as a form of currency. In the thousands of years that have since transpired, beer has taken on new shapes, flavors,

  Tell me about growing up in Macon? What did you do in your spare time? I was born in Macon. When I was in 2nd grade my dad transferred to Birmingham, Alabama.  I have a lot of great memories of being a kid in Birmingham in the mid 70’s.

BY CANDICE DYER PHOTOS COURTESY THE BIG HOUSE MUSEUM & GILBERT LEE I’m not a musician,” he says. “I can’t play, sing, or write songs. I was just a friend who got entwined and ended up on this ride, and I’m still on it because we were always more like

by Brad Evans As he sings in “Patches,” Clarence Carter was “born and raised down in Alabama on a farm way back up in the woods.” It was on January 14, 1936 to be exact, the day the world welcomed the infamous Dr. CC who’s been prescribing his loin-lingering music

I’m glad I’m the kind of guy who likes the Allman Brothers. I’ve been guilty at times of being tired of them.  I roll my eyes sometimes, when someone wants to tell me a story about tuning Duane’s guitar or something. I don’t necessarily want to sit in a smokey

The issue you are holding is number 300 for the 11th Hour.  I’m not really surprised that we made it this far, but I am really thankful.  There are a lot of small businesses, just like us, that have supported our paper over the years.  Ingleside Village Pizza, I will

There is something free spirited, yet mature and grounded, about Heidi Clinite. If you meet her as a musician, she seems intense, completely caught up in the vibrations of the strings from her viola. If you meet her as a painter, you know her style when you see it and