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DISCLAIMER: The event described below was experienced under the influence of severe cold symptoms, including, but not limited to, self-pitying sniffles, sporadic sneezes, and unsightly cold sweats. There is nothing more alarming, and perhaps more reassuring, than waking up one day and realizing that you have kind of, sort of

If you are reading this, you are most likely a resident of the city of Macon—that, or you are extremely lost. Either way, welcome to Macon, and to 2018, for that matter. What you hold in your hands, or behold before you on a screen, is the 11th Hour, Macon’s

Imagine with me, for just a moment, this classic Christmas morning scene. A quiet house, covered in Christmas-lights and snow, suddenly awakened by the sound of tiny footsteps thundering down the stairs, fresh garland cloaking the railing fills the air. Red and white striped cotton covers the kids from their

What do hand-tossed pizzas, wildflower seeds, tchotchkes, and local honey all have in common? Honestly, the answer is next to nothing, but they can all be found on Ingleside, and that is something. Whether you need a last minute gift for your four-year-old niece, or you want to plan a

If I had to assign each day of the week a specific trait, ‘Sunday’ would undoubtedly fall somewhere between hospitable and hate. It seems that Sundays are about as polarizing as pineapple on pizza or cilantro on just about anything—you either love them or hate their stupid, end-of-the-weekend guts. Like

I would like to play the part of ruthless, pop-quiz-crazed teacher for just a moment and ask you to define the word “portmanteau.” If you do not know the word portmanteau, I am betting that you know the meaning of the word “brunch.” Now let me play the part of

Sunday, August 13th is yet another exceptionally hot day in Macon, Georgia. On days like this, you expect every sensible human being to be out of sight and indoors, basking in the AC and inhaling ice tea, or whatever it is that us Southerners are suppose to drink. You certainly

An invisible energy cloaks the city. Boys and girls are busy, making lists and checking them twice. Even the local radio station is excited, airing special songs to celebrate the season at hand. It is all anyone can talk about and the day has finally come. It’s the most wonderful

THE LOCAL TOURIST Visiting a new city can be exhilarating. New scenery stimulates senses that may have become dormant in the repetition of daily routines. The tongue never grows tired of trying new things. The eyes open as wide as they can to see all that there is to see.

Under the bridge, to the right, over the tracks, and into the light. No, those are not Peter Pan’s directions to Neverland. They are, however, directions—vague, impractical directions, but directions nonetheless—to Amerson River Park. Unlike Neverland, Amerson welcomes people (and pets!) of any age and is open every day from