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Eric Mayle

Eric Mayle

“They call me Willie,” he said as he got into my truck. Beard to his chest; long hair once red, turned blonde, turned white; red bandana headband—there is no question as to how 76-year-old Wallace Thompson earned this nickname. But Wallace’s connection to outlaw country musician Willie Nelson extends beyond

Maria cradles her infant son, Joshua, as he begins to cry. “The other day I went into the Krystal,” she tells me. “I was crying because it was raining. Sometimes I feel like I’m a bad mom because I can’t provide what I need for my kids. I get tired

Flip-flops were a bad choice, I thought, as I followed Mark Twiggs, carefully inching down the steep berm to his camp on a sandy bank of the Ocmulgee River. My back to the river, I snapped a couple of photos of Mark’s camp and stumbled as I shifted my weight

Whether it is criminality, addiction, mental illness, or a perceived lack of gumption, the stigmas attached to people experiencing homelessness are severe and many. The purpose of this series is to hear the stories of people living in homelessness in Macon. The hope is that their stories may enable all of