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Charles Davis

Ok, full disclosure. The first time I met Brent Cobb was when he was in Macon performing at Mount De Sales and promoting his upcoming album last year. As he was walking down Cherry Street after performing live on the air, I turned to Anthony Ennis and said the following

When you start listing the greatest R&B and Funk lead singers of all time, It doesn’t take long before the name Charlie Wilson appears. From his incredible work performing with his brothers in The Gap Band to his rebirth in the Hip Hop era collaborating with the likes of Pharrell

It is very difficult to place the band Blackberry Smoke into any particular genre just because of the wide ranging and varying musical styles that make them up. For over 16 years, this band has traveled the world and played with Gregg Allman and Billy Gibbons just to name a

FRIDAY 7.21 The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom Emma’s Lounge 10 PM // $5 This “Folk Wave” band out of West Virginia is made up of Logan Vernderlic, Meg Heathman, Emma Forster, Mackenzie Richburg and Brendan Bower. Emma’s Lounge plays a dynamic and gritty blend of Folk music with a

I know you have had a ridiculous year with the traveling, the touring and the new music. How is everything going for you right now? It’s great. My life seems to be turning into periods of high intensity and then periods of nothing to do so I kind of like

“Music is gathering. Taking our scattered thoughts and senses and coalescing us back into our core. Music is powerful. The first few chords can change us where no self-help books can.” Jane Siberry Music fans of all ages, genders and demographics took over Centennial Olympic Park this past weekend in

Community Fun Meets Educational Collaborative By: Tyler Horne Feats of speed, science, creativity and community. That’s been the mantra of the Magnolia Soap Box Derby since it started in 2009. Since then, the second Saturday of every April, the community has come down to Washington Park and Magnolia Street for a

Friday March 24th 20’s Pub 8 p.m. Free RECKLESS SOUL Billy’s Clubhouse 10 p.m. $5 cover MATT BRANTLEY BAND   Matt was the 2nd runner up in the 2012 Milledgeville Idol from that experience he hoped to start a band and share his love for music. The Matt Brantley Band