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I get asked a lot why I think The 11th Hour is successful in the face of Daily papers folding everywhere.  Or why I think The Creek 100.9 works when big radio corporations are filing bankruptcy.   I really think the answer is simple. We remain connected with our place. 

I’ve gotta say– writing a check for private school got a lot easier when a student brought a loaded 9mm pistol to Rosa Taylor Elementary last month. Elementary school. Here. In Macon. We didn’t come to the private school decision lightly– Meg and I are way more hippie than we’d

American guitarist Jimmy Herring is a musician’s musician. His formidable technique is in service of a vast harmonic and rhythmic imagination, forged by decades on the road and a myriad of influences spanning jazz, rock, country, and the outer limits of improvised music. The North Carolina native has been playing

How’s everything been going, are you ready to get back on the road for this 30th anniversary tour? The whole year has been pretty interesting. It’s kind of just a random thing, 30 years, but the more we drive around the cooler it is. It just brings back memories of

George Clinton revolutionized R&B Music.  He twisted soul music into funk and mixed in some psychedelia that would basically define a new genre.  Simply put, there is Parliament Funkadelic, and then there is everyone else.  Possibly from another Planet, a theory even he himself believes, Clinton and his star children

Where you at right now? I’m in New York City. I’m in town meeting with some folks and we’re headed to Indianapolis tomorrow. Marcus, first off, we are loving this new album.  I think I spend at least a few hours each day walking around trying to sing “Rita is Gone.”

Friday 11/4 Uncle Earl & Friends 20S PUB Chris Taylor BEARFOOT BEER GARDEN, 8PM Free Lance Ruckus BILLY’S CLUBHOUSE Russell Dickerson COX CAPITOL THEATRE The Nashville native and Belmont University alumnus had quite the surprising summer with the incredible grassroots reaction to his current single, “Yours.” The power ballad was

You’ve seen Trae’s “Liberal Redneck” viral videos, you’ve read their weekly blog, and now you can see them at their best, performing stand-up comedy at the Cox Capitol Theatre on November 15.  Brad Evans caught up with the guys recently for a few minutes, out there on the road. Y’all

My love for Bobby Rush has been widely documented.  My love for him runs deep.  It wasn’t long after I moved to Macon that I saw Bobby Rush play one of the most revered venues in Blues history, Adam’s Lounge.  Adam’s Lounge is closed now, boarded up after 97 year-old

Following in the tracks of Gram Parsons, Merle Haggard and George Strait, Caleb Caudle makes pure country music rooted in the genre’s glory days, back when melody, mood and message ruled the roost. It’s not contemporary country-pop, nor is it part of any underground outlaw scene. Instead, Caudle’s music finds