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Bill Knowles

Well President Trump is 100 days into his presidency and the world has not fallen apart at the seams yet. Maybe it’s inevitable that it happens with him at the helm, but maybe not. A recent poll shows his approval rating is the absolute lowest that any President has been

The 11th Hour’s Op-Ed columnist and blogger Bill Knowles had some pretty serious questions about President Trump, the Middle East and the number one issue our country is facing going forward. He sought to find the answers, and two very smart men rose to the challenge. Locally, Rabbi Larry Schlesinger,

2016 can’t come to an end fast enough for Georgia police officers as they have had the worst year in recent memory as there have been to date as eight officers, most of which were from Middle Georgia, were killed in the line of duty. Nationally, there have been 64

We’re finally done with Election 2016 and to almost everyone’s surprise the new President-elect does not wear a pantsuit.  How did Donald Trump pull off the biggest political upset in modern history?  Does anyone really know for sure why and how it happened and how nobody saw it coming?  Here

Wow is about the only way of describing the 2016 Presidential Election up until this point. Only in the 2016 election could the candidate who has openly admitted to using marijuana on a regular basis be considered more honest or normal than either of the two major candidates. Trump, God

We’re less than fifty days away from a turning point in our nation’s history as we all have to pick a fork in the road to travel as we determine which direction the United States will go.  Some will pick the Clinton Path which will most likely give us more

As I write this week’s column, I am preparing to leave for my third Republican Convention.  In 2008 in Minneapolis, I was a guest of a dear friend and was able to watch our party start to slide downhill with the nomination of John McCain.  Yes, I was his Campaign

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they have to admit they are wrong and this is one of those times.  I was wrong about Donald Trump’s candidacy.  There…I said it.  It appears for all intents and purposes that the billionaire has worked his Svengali-like message through the Republican

I cannot believe I have to update “The Return of Malaria Jack” again. When I originally wrote this column in 2010 I would have never imagined in my worst nightmare that 6420 lost and misguided souls would have actually cast a ballot for our former mayor Jack Ellis in the