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Andrea Marlowe

Andrea Marlowe

Photo by Claire Helm Atria, the bright orange star of a small triangular constellation, is also the name of Savana Cameron’s solo music endeavor. Her music explores transient soundscapes, a compliment to Cameron’s ethereal vocals. While creating atmospheric-like tunes, she is also currently finishing her music degree at Wesleyan College.

Many people may know DJ Shawty Slim as B.o.B.’s DJ, but in Macon he has become synonymous with epic afternoon dance parties and is also the production designer behind former Macon hip hop artist Floco Torres’s more recent albums, such as Porsche and Dreamboard.  One of Slim’s day parties, called

February marks the one year anniversary of the band Hindsight.  Most of the bandmates, who have known each other since high school, are celebrating their first album release, Out of Touch, next month at the Cox Capitol Theatre. The four members, Caleb Melvin (guitar, vocals), Jake Victor (guitar), Brent McKinney

  Talking with Bruiser Braswell you wouldn’t think he was the singer and frontman for a brash and rowdy punk band called Taped Fist.  His persona on stage, sometimes intimidating and most of the time shirtless, is quite the opposite in real life.  He has an infectious laugh and the

Although Elroy Love released Glitch Cowboy in 2015, the band is finally coming into their own and finding a balance between their love of country styles, soulful Southern elements, and pop.  Singer and guitarist, Thomas Young, wanted to incorporate former Dalmatian bandmates Michael Suhr (bass/vocals) and John Ewing (drums) by

Widow Pills could scarcely be deemed as an alternative country band.  Although lap steel solos are teeming in quite a few of their songs, and lead singer and acoustic guitarist, Nathan Garrett’s voice has a boisterous southern charm that can’t be denied, the group has wrangled in elements from punk,

  In the mid 2000’s many Macon music scenesters were well acquainted with a band called Hank Vegas, also known as the alter-ego of lead singer and acoustic guitarist Chad Evans.  The band’s nostalgic country twangs were often entwined with rock guitar riffs and haunting lyrics echoing the voice of

The Matt Brantley Band is a reminder of the boisterous charm and rowdiness that Southern rock and country music can often encapsulate.   With songs like “Laid Back” that celebrate a day off with a drive down a dirt road with Hank Williams on the speakers and whiskey in tow, these

  Daniel NeSmith started the annual Roots Rock Showcase three years ago to feature a variety of Georgia bands throughout the state and even some close to home.  NeSmith, who is also the lead singer of Macon’s own Back City Woods, is promising this year will bring an assortment of

“Imma small town hero/I hit the big cities and compete with the best come back home and drink whiskey/Still humble enough to have a beer wit you” are lyrics from the Floco Torres’ newest EP Porsche, is an album deluged with soul, determination, and earworm instrumental tracks that sound polished