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Andrea Marlowe

Andrea Marlowe

The Big Bird Bash, hosted by The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom and The Thirsty Turtle, has really stepped up the music game this year. This year’s Bash is promising talents from Nashville southern rockers, The Vegabonds, electronic rock from Bootz & Katz, the rowdy tunes of Baby Baby, and one

Shehehe is a vibrant, fun, energetic, and witty band from Athens, GA.   Hell, even their name is fun to say, especially with a little “eee-hee” Michael Jackson noise. They dropped their newest album last August, Endless Summer, and is currently touring the Southeast.  Gladly, they are making a stop in

The Orange Constant, a classic rock jam band from Athens will be taking the stage at The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom January 13.  I spoke with The Orange Constant about their lyric writing, what they do on their off time, and why their eclectic sound has gained such a wide

Many Middle Georgians may know Macon’s own Maggie Renfroe from trying out on Season 11 of The Voice, but recently the 18 year old has been working her way into the Nashville music scene and studying music business at Belmont University. Renfroe will be playing in Macon December 23rd with

  Dwayne Boswell (keys), and brothers John Crowell (bass) and Chris Crowell (guitar) make up Magnolia Moon. I spoke with Zack about Mississippi, how he began playing guitar, and the magic of songwriting. How did the band start? We got together playing music for a church band. My brother Jesse

Singer and guitarist, Shawn Williamson, had initially sought a band with a strong post-punk vibe. Rounding out the band with Gravey Jones (vocals/bass) and Travis Reeves (drums), Maryex became a band dipping its toes in different genres.  Their sound ranges from poppy bass riffs to the distorted fuzz of a

Maní’s newest album, icanthearwhattheyresayingbutithinkigetit, may best be described as a harmonious blend of experimental and folk music sometimes extremely tranquil in its blend of instrumentation. Yet undertones of rumination are at the album’s core driving the listener to keep hitting replay. Maní consists of Zach Farr (guitar/vocals), Steven Ledbetter (percussion),

DJ B3 might be one of the most eclectic DJs in Macon right now, exploring different music genres from Afro Funk, Lebanese music, and of course classic club boogies. He has a true fervor for sharing new tunes with his audience and challenging the norms in the DJ scene.  B3

HOWL, one of the newest bands in Macon, is a raw, sometimes brazenly sexual rock and roll band that gets your feet moving and your palms a little sweaty. Denny Hanson and Chris Nylund have not only created music to easily sink your fangs into, but have done so with

  Cult of Riggonia may have you questioning whether you dropped the brown acid or feeling as though you are deciphering the code of the universe through some strange psychedelic sound portal.  But their chaotic mosaic of sounds and samples are what make Cult of Riggonia so appealing and interesting.