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Andrea Marlowe

Andrea Marlowe

HOWL, one of the newest bands in Macon, is a raw, sometimes brazenly sexual rock and roll band that gets your feet moving and your palms a little sweaty. Denny Hanson and Chris Nylund have not only created music to easily sink your fangs into, but have done so with

  Cult of Riggonia may have you questioning whether you dropped the brown acid or feeling as though you are deciphering the code of the universe through some strange psychedelic sound portal.  But their chaotic mosaic of sounds and samples are what make Cult of Riggonia so appealing and interesting.

While The Bearcats offer a mixture of original and cover songs during their live performances, they also boast a fun and energetic presence to boot. The Bearcats, Will Davis (bass/lead vocals). T.J. Wayt (guitar/backup vocals), Cliff Cranford (guitar/backup vocals) and Dustin McDearmid (drums), will be performing July 15th at Wellston

Walk Thru Walls is propelling the Macon music scene in a new direction with garage rock tunes, dark and magnetic like indulging in a guilty pleasure. Their current recordings display lyrical craftsmanship sometimes sounding as smooth as an ocean wave or catchy, whimsical, and gritty like songs such as “Neon

One Horse Parade is a band with a knack for layering a profusion of sounds from shoegaze to catchy, sometimes 80s like, electronic beats chill and upbeat enough to channel the soundtrack of Drive. It’s a soiree of sound good enough for dancing or spacing out over a Kubrick film.

There’s a saying in Macon that if you’ve ever lived here, you’re destined to return.  In part, this may come from a legend involving the Creek Nation’s curse on Macon that if you settle on the banks of the Ocmulgee River you will never leave. DJ Roger Riddle, a former

Photo by Claire Helm Atria, the bright orange star of a small triangular constellation, is also the name of Savana Cameron’s solo music endeavor. Her music explores transient soundscapes, a compliment to Cameron’s ethereal vocals. While creating atmospheric-like tunes, she is also currently finishing her music degree at Wesleyan College.

Many people may know DJ Shawty Slim as B.o.B.’s DJ, but in Macon he has become synonymous with epic afternoon dance parties and is also the production designer behind former Macon hip hop artist Floco Torres’s more recent albums, such as Porsche and Dreamboard.  One of Slim’s day parties, called

February marks the one year anniversary of the band Hindsight.  Most of the bandmates, who have known each other since high school, are celebrating their first album release, Out of Touch, next month at the Cox Capitol Theatre. The four members, Caleb Melvin (guitar, vocals), Jake Victor (guitar), Brent McKinney

  Talking with Bruiser Braswell you wouldn’t think he was the singer and frontman for a brash and rowdy punk band called Taped Fist.  His persona on stage, sometimes intimidating and most of the time shirtless, is quite the opposite in real life.  He has an infectious laugh and the