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Aaron Irons

Aaron Irons

Jonathan Byrd has been a troubadour his entire life. He learned music as a boy in churches around the world, served his country in the U.S. Navy, and in 2003 his considerable songwriting skills made him a winner at the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Festival. Jonathan’s latest outing features long

Marty Stuart is the keeper of all things heroic and legendary in Country music. He was essentially raised and educated by icons– Lester Flatt, Doc Watson, Vassar Clements, Johnny Cash are just a few of his teachers. Marty’s solo career began in 1985, and he shot to the top alongside

Lillie Mae isn’t quiet. At first approximation, she could pass as a punk pioneer of the Riot Grrrl movement– even with a fiddle. The moppish Mohawk she sports above her wide doe eyes would’ve seemed out of place in country music 40 years ago. Her clothes too— a mish-mash of consignment cute and bowery

In 1975 David Bowie challenged that rock n’ roll was dead, a “toothless old woman”. New Musical Express writer, Anthony O’Grady, asked Bowie if he really believed that– and if so, what was next? David was sure his phone was being tapped, but he replied, “Dictatorship.” Bowie prophesied an “extreme