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Macon A.P.’s Hidden Hideaway 4274 Broadway Macon 478-781-5656 Classic rock n’ roll bar with burgers, salads, sandwiches, wings and more! Homestyle Southern Cookin’ Sundays! Outdoor seating available. L/D/Bar $ The Backburner 2242 Ingleside Ave Macon 478-746-3336 Elegant dining featuring steaks, chops, seafood, and more! Thursday is Lobster Night (call

If you are reading this, you are most likely a resident of the city of Macon—that, or you are extremely lost. Either way, welcome to Macon, and to 2018, for that matter. What you hold in your hands, or behold before you on a screen, is the 11th Hour, Macon’s

What do hand-tossed pizzas, wildflower seeds, tchotchkes, and local honey all have in common? Honestly, the answer is next to nothing, but they can all be found on Ingleside, and that is something. Whether you need a last minute gift for your four-year-old niece, or you want to plan a

I would like to play the part of ruthless, pop-quiz-crazed teacher for just a moment and ask you to define the word “portmanteau.” If you do not know the word portmanteau, I am betting that you know the meaning of the word “brunch.” Now let me play the part of