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To Do List for February 9th-15th

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What We’re Playing- Anthony Ennis: Google Home

Smart technology is getting more affordable every day, and it’s hard not to join in on the fun. When I purchased the Google Home as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend– I was excited about it too. Everyone has a pocket computer in the shape of a phone at their fingertips, but gadgets like the Google Home take connectivity to another level! You can ask basic questions like, “What’s the weather today?” or “Can you tell me a joke?”(which never gets old)– but, being able to connect it throughout the house makes it so much more. I’m a big fan of cooking. So,  I can ask for recipes without having to constantly touch my phone with dirty hands. I can also link Google Home to other devices wirelessly throughout the house– make everything not just easier but more fun. Oh, and to top it all off, its just super cool to feel like I’m living in “Flight of the Navigator” talking to Max or hanging in an episode of the Jetsons.

What We’re Wearing- Wes Griffith: The Cardigan

Lots of men seem to think the cardigan is feminine… Or at least not manly enough. However, the cardigan tracks it’s origin back to the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a prominent British military figure who popularized the style. The cardigan has an open front unlike traditional pull over sweaters. This makes them super versatile…wear open or closed…wear under a coat or over a t-shirt. The cardigan is also one of few garments that’s generally good for 3 seasons. Many of the 2018 cardigans on the market also feature chunky collars which keep the neck warm and eliminate the need for a scarf. Quite utilitarian… The cardigan. Don’t miss out on sporting a new cardigan this winter. Check Lucky Brand, 32 Bar Blues, Carbon 2 Cobalt and even Gap for great Cardigan options in 2018.

What We’re Drinking- Tony Doolin: Gin & Tonic

When you’re attempting to keep years of pent up emotional damage at bay, stick with a classic– and it doesn’t get more iconic than the gin and tonic. Equal parts Vegas glitz and James Bond savoir fare, the gin and tonic is perfect for conveying that “I’m probably going down in flames, but I’ll look damned good doing it” type of attitude. It’s also very tasty. Quinine, the active ingredient in tonic water, was given to the army of the British East India Company for the treatment of malaria. Soldiers mixed it with sugar, lime, and a daily ration of gin to make the bitter elixir more palatable. Also, 4 out of 5 18th century physicians recommended binge drinking to anyone suffering from malaria. When it comes to gin, I prefer Tanqueray or Bombay– good enough to get your grandparents through the Cuban Missile Crisis and good enough to get you through the current sabre rattling. 1 oz of gin and 2 oz tonic water over ice; run a lime wedge around the rim of the glass, squeeze it and let it drop. Repeat until peace ensues or your malaria is cured.

What We’re Watching- Brad Evans: Longmire

Those that know me know that Longmire is all up in my wheelhouse, and they had been telling me I needed to watch it for a couple of years before I finally did. I consumed all six seasons like I was but a starving mule, and Longmire my own personal wagon of the tastiest fescue. Lou Diamond Phillips alone was enough of a reason for me to fall in love with this show, but the beautifully shot Wyoming scenery made me want to shed my own shirt and scratch my back up against some lodge-pole pine like the grizzliest of grizzlies. Walt Longmire himself is perfect, a no nonsense Sherriff, who solves some horrific murder every single goddamn episode. It’s all wrapped up in sixty minutes, with no complicated story lines to follow. He’s up against corrupt Casino bosses, the Irish Mob, and a bunch of souped up disgruntled Indians living on the Res, where just about anything goes. They’ve got their work cut out for them against the long tall Sherriff, and I would watch six more seasons it they would make em.

What We’re Eating- Ashley Doolin: Boujee Mac & Cheese

Remember when mac & cheese was as simple and flavorless as opening a box, boiling the contents and squeezing presidential orange colored processed cheese goo on top? Macaroni and Cheese has matured, and everyone is putting some kind of spin on this comfort food. From baked to deconstructed–there’s a recipe out there for just about any kind of mac. I recently went full pinkie out and made a pot of what I have coined, “Boujee Mac” since it set me back (full price disclosure) $50. My “Boujee Mac” is a high class, sophisticated and yet, ballin’ mac & cheese– but was it worth it? Oh sweet baby Jesus, YASSSSS!

Boujee Mac (Serves 8)
Cheese Sauce: 2 tbs butter, 1 tbs mince garlic, 1 tbs minced shallots, 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme, ½ cup dry wine, 3 cups heavy cream, ¼ c mascarpone cheese, 1 ½ c grated smoked gouda, ¾ c grated jarlsberg , 1 tblsp white truffle oil, 1 lb dried elbow macaroni (cooked per pkg directions)

1) Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat, add garlic & shallots cooking until softened, approx. 2 min. Add Thyme and cook an additional minute 2) Add white wine & simmer until reduced by half, approx 3 mins. 3) Add heavy cream & simmer until thickened, approx 5 mins. 4) Remove pan from heat; whisk in cheese until completely melted. 5) Stir in truffle oil, then add cooked macaroni, stirring to coat noodles. 6) Divide into equal portions among lead crystal goblets, be amazed, and let me hear your feedback: ashley@thecreekfm.com

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