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Eat This at Big Picture Burgers

Highlighting the most amazing dining options in Central Georgia!

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The Godfather
A half-pound gangster portion of seasoned ground beef topped with homemade, spicy pimento cheese, jalapenos, bacon and spicy pickles.

WHERE Big Picture Burger 1114 GA-96, Kathleen

WHY: Without a doubt, the Godfather rules the cinema-tastic and movie fueled menu that’s made Big Picture Burger a fan favorite in Central Georgia. So, why is it the burger you can’t refuse? “It’s the pimento cheese,” says Teresa Cloud, who along with her husband Eric has keeps the marquee full with film inspired fare. We agree– the pimento cheese (a guarded family recipe) has a pleasant heat that crackles with the mild jalapeno chips, and crunches with peppery pickles. And the bacon? Forget about it.

(Pictured: BPB employee Shauna Boydston enjoying her favorite, The Godfather.)

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  1. John Aitkens
    February 3, 2018 at 1:52 am — Reply

    Awesome food!🤪

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