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Live & Local: SheHeHe

At our show on the 31st, expect some Hair whipping, sweat, and a nonstop good time. 

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Shehehe is a vibrant, fun, energetic, and witty band from Athens, GA.   Hell, even their name is fun to say, especially with a little “eee-hee” Michael Jackson noise. They dropped their newest album last August, Endless Summer, and is currently touring the Southeast.  Gladly, they are making a stop in little ole Macon to share some punk rock, or American Jet Rock as they sometimes refer to their music, at Fresh Produce Records.   I spoke with Shehehe, including  Nicole Bechill (vocals), Jason Fusco (drums/vocals), Noelle Shuck (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Derek Wiggs (bass).  They told me about touring, the film that influenced the name of their new album, and what to expect at their upcoming show.

How did you meet?
On Tinder…. Jason came to Athens as part of a different band, but they broke up and he started working on a new project.  It sparked Nicole’s interest after hearing some demos, and she wanted to be a part of it. That’s when Nicole was brought on, and the next step was looking for a guitar player. Noelle was a regular at the bar Jason was working at, and he noticed her working on a Cheap Trick logo for a project in one of her graphic design classes. It sparked his interest, and he asked her if she could play guitar.  He invited her to practice, and she’s never left. Derek was brought on after seeing him play at a show, when we knew our current bassist was on the way out of the band.  Our former bassist, liked his playing style and thought he would be a good replacement.

Was punk what you guys initially wanted to play?
We wanted to play music that we liked, and this is what it has turned into. It is a combination of all of our tastes, a bit of rock n roll, punk, jazz, and disco. But really all we do is listen to Steely Dan and Eek-A-Mouse.

You guys seem to have a lot of fun on and off stage. What’s it like touring with each other? Who brings what to the party?
We do have a lot of fun touring. It has changed a bit now that Ramona is our 5th band member. [Ramona] tours with us along with our friend band nanny, making the van much cozier than it used to be.  Her car seat faces Derek, so she flirts with him the whole time.  Derek is normally a sauced up comedian, so he keeps us laughing. Noelle is our man-eater, and Nicole keeps us full on PB&Js.  And there would be no party if it wasn’t for Jason.

Your new album came out last August. Tell me about the direction you wanted to go with this album and how you think you accomplished it.  More of a reflection than a direction of us evolving and continuing to become more diverse than just a punk band.  There are songs about life, missing the ocean, heartbreak, becoming parents, and the struggles around those things. The album name came about because the movie Endless Summer was constantly on the tube in the band room while we were arranging and practicing the songs. The classic film was an underlying influence for the entire album.

Tell me about your songwriting and where you think you really shine. It’s just something that happens when we are all in the room together.  Jason brings the idea, and then we all work it out, letting it get totally Shehehetized.

Is there a particular song on your new album that you think really stands out? One of the songs is about late night partying with interesting folks met on the road, but written in code. We will let you figure out which song.

What do you think has changed with your music over the years you have been together? It hasn’t really changed much, other than we continue to grow as a band and it just keeps getting better.

What are you guys currently working on? We are about to head down to play a slew of dates in February through South Georgia and Florida, and then in March we head back into the studio to record our next album.


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  1. Stick Dastardly
    February 2, 2018 at 12:37 am — Reply

    Nice interview! They’re, by far, one of my regional favorites, both musically and as human beings. Good seeing you at the show!

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