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Ladies… we need a new lexicon!

Moxie Matters is a one-night event featuring Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman hosted by Highland Hills and Jake Hall. The format is a blend of music, stories, and conversation.

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By Erin Robinson Hall

I cannot count the number of times I have been called sweet. It’s a word that means well, but falls short. My southern raising has taught me to smile sweet, talk sweet, and be sweet.

The women I know are so much more than sweetness. They are fierce defenders of the vulnerable. They are handlers of any situation with such style and sass that you forget there even was a crisis. They are champions for their families, devoted to their people and daring life to interrupt them. They are curators of family history, bearing the load of moment making and memory keeping. They are warriors, wielding hope against whatever illness, loss, or disaster might work its way into their stories. They are revolutionaries, claiming that if their world is not as it should be, they will gather, work, teach, and march to make it right.

The women I know are building, preaching, mothering, nursing, teaching, laughing, organizing, praying, speaking, leading, cleaning, and giving.  We don’t have time for words like sweet. We need a new ladies’ lexicon.

Words like hustle and chutzpah could work for us. Words like kindness and compassion are mightier than we realize. If we are building a lexicon of words that describe our reality, we might start with bravery. I recently spoke to a group of women and challenged them to recognize the word Hilaritas. This word means the deep gladness found when we are vulnerable with one another, enough to laugh, share, cry, and listen. This sort of gladness is different than happiness. Hilaritas is born from that deep place of hope that sustains each of us and connects us to one another. It is what happens when belly laughs meet tears and whispered prayers. Hilaritas is present when what happens between people is a sharing of joy and sorrow that claims we matter to one another. Hilaritas is the thing that keeps us singing, and lighting candles, carrying out rituals, and claiming hope in the midst of a world that sees that dismisses such things. It is the kind of community we hear when we raise our voices together in song.

I’m looking forward to a night of hilaritas and connection with women in our community. I’m looking forward to adding one more word to our ladies’ lexicon: Moxie. On January 24, best-selling author Jen Hatmaker and musician Nichole Nordeman will be in Macon for an event called “Moxie Matters.” Both of these women have weathered joy, despair, rejection in the past year. They have learned what moxie means. Hatmaker says that moxie is a word that matches the mess of our lives: “Messy, hard, disappointing, painful, shocking, exhausting, aggravating, boring. However you want to say it, life is messy. For all of us. I’m not making this up; I’m just saying it out loud. Your mess is normal, and it is okay to admit it. Pain is not exceptional or rare. If you’ve lived longer than five minutes, you already know this. Not because your particular brand of life is exceptionally punishing or you are doing everything exceptionally wrong, but because, as it turns out, this is how it is for everyone. This is the price of being a human being on this planet; we get the glorious and the grueling, and surprisingly, the second often leads to the first. Trust this messy transparent who loves you. We are in the same boat.

We will endure discouragement, heartbreak, failure, and suffering. All of us. And more than once. And in more than one category. And in more than one season. But we are the very same folks who can experience triumph, perseverance, joy, and rebirth. More than once. And in more than one category. And in more than one season.

And that? That is moxie. Isn’t that a delicious, dreamy word? Moxie. It is a throwback to women with pluck, with chutzpah, with a bit of razzle dazzle. It says: I got this…we got this together. It evokes a twinkle in the eye, a smidge of daring and stubbornness in the face of actual, hard, real, beautiful life. Moxie reaches for laughter, for courage, for the deep and important truth that women are capable of weathering the storm.”

Those words sound just right. Weathering the storm, laughing at whatever tomorrow may bring, showing up in the most impossible place? That’s exactly what we do. I hope you will join me for an evening of hilarious, hilaritas, moments of moxie.  We can gather together and come up with just the right words to tell our story.

Moxie Matters is a one-night event featuring Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman hosted by Highland Hills and Jake Hall. The format is a blend of music, stories, and conversation.
– $29 General Admission / $49 Front Sections
– Discounts for host church and groups of 4 or more
For tickets, visit TheGrandMacon.com or call the Box Office (478) 301-5470.

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