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Listen Up: The Orange Constant

Catch The Orange Constant Saturday January 13 @ The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom.

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The Orange Constant, a classic rock jam band from Athens will be taking the stage at The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom January 13.  I spoke with The Orange Constant about their lyric writing, what they do on their off time, and why their eclectic sound has gained such a wide following.

Give me some history about your band.
Andrew Brantley, Nickalous Benson, and I founded the Orange Constant in 2012 after meeting at Georgia Southern in a music fundamentals course. Our goal was mainly just to get out and tour the Southeast with original music and good cover songs. We started out with Nickalous and myself on guitar and vocals, Kyle Russell on bass and Lee Guentert on drums. Will Goggans soon replaced Kyle on bass, and we toured and recorded with that lineup. Since then, Tyler Walker took over on bass, and Sam Groveman is now on drums. We also added Chris Freiberg on keyboards. The early days of The Orange Constant leaned more towards alternative rock, and after the lineup changes, we have evolved into more of a vintage/jam rock sound.

The Orange Constant has quite an eclectic mix of genres and sounds.  Was this something you were going for when the band started?  Why do you think this mix works so well for the personality of your band?
Since the beginning, we have indeed aimed to be diverse and to capture a lot of genres due to varied tastes and playing/writing styles. We feel that it’s been great for us in helping to appeal to a wide audience. It works well because we play to our individual strengths while also keeping a dynamic sound.

What has been one of your most memorable live performances?
We recently performed on a float at the Athens, GA Parade of Lights which is quite memorable. It was freezing and we had to all pack onto the back of a military vehicle and somehow set up our equipment using a generator.  Sure enough though, the streets were flooded with spectators and we had a hilarious time jamming while attempting to keep our balance on this moving vehicle.

What band do you think has influenced you the most in the musical preferences you have today?
It really is difficult to pick just one band that has influenced us the most when it comes to musical preferences. We really look up to bands like Phish and Widespread Panic. They have such a huge, devoted following, and mesh great songwriting with live improvisation. We love their models and the styles that they overlap.

Aside from playing in a band, do you guys have any other hobbies or activities you enjoy doing together?
With a few camping festivals under our belt, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve enjoyed going camping together! Although as much time as we spend with each other touring, writing, and rehearsing, we spend most of our hobby/activity lives at a healthy distance.

Since starting TOC what do you think has been your most eye opening experience as a musician?
It’s really hard to pinpoint one specific eye opening experience since starting the band, because it truly is a culmination of years of trial and error.  I’d say that the whole experience has been eye opening and the process continues to humble me. I’ve learned mostly that healthy, calm communication is absolutely imperative as with any aspect of life.

What can we expect at your upcoming show?
Our live performances are implementing more and more stream of consciousness transitions, and are tighter than ever!


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