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Macon Pops Performs Second Concert of the Season at Cox Capitol Theatre

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Setting the stage for their upcoming concert, Macon Pops’ will be performing two complete album recordings fully orchestrated at the Cox Capitol Theatre Friday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. Macon Pops’ regular guitarist, Jared Leach, will be making his singing debut. Kevin Spencer, who is with the Kristian Bush Band (from Sugarland) will also be joining Macon Pops on stage, in addition to U.K native bassist and singer, Patrick Bettison.

“Having already performed Sgt. Pepper & Abbey Road “Top to Bottom,” the next logical choices would be Rubber Soul & Revolver,” says Macon Pops Co-Founder, Matt Catingub. “From Rubber Soul’s ‘In My Life’ to Revolver’s ‘Here, There and Everywhere,’ some of the most inspired fab four songs shine through from these two iconic recordings.”

Macon Pops’ concerts continue to be one of the most talked-about musical events in Middle Georgia. Fans will be excited to experience the two Beatles’ innovative albums in their entirety. “We love coming up with timely and relevant concert themes, and we especially enjoy trying to match the orchestra with musical styles that may never have been considered by conventional orchestras,” says Co-Founder of Macon Pops, Steve Moretti. “The Beatles’ Rubber Soul & Revolver have a mixture of pop, soul and folk musical styles.”

As with all Macon Pops’ concerts, fans are encouraged to dance and immerse themselves in the music.

The 5th Season will conclude with March 16, 2018’s ‘Latin Pop Revolution’ concert, which will be held at Mercer University’s Hawkins Arena.

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