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Live & Local With Maryex

Maryex will be performing @ The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom Oct. 7 for a local’s only showcase. 

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Singer and guitarist, Shawn Williamson, had initially sought a band with a strong post-punk vibe. Rounding out the band with Gravey Jones (vocals/bass) and Travis Reeves (drums), Maryex became a band dipping its toes in different genres.  Their sound ranges from poppy bass riffs to the distorted fuzz of a guitar, rubbing elbows with post-punk, garage rock, and the atmospheric quality of space rock. I spoke with Maryex about their current favorite albums, the EP they are working on, and their upcoming show at The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom October 7th.

You guys are working on an album right now.  What can we expect?
Shawn: We’re working on finishing up an EP.
Gravey: Five songs that we started recording almost three years ago initially. We’re pretty much done with it now. We’ve just got some fine tuning.
Shawn: Basically we’re going to play this show and try to put out the EP. I think we might try to record a full length now that we have the studio streamlined. So it may seem like a hiatus again.
Gravey: I think it’s kind of funny because the old songs really have different vibes but they’re all kind of cohesive. Me and Shawn swap out a lot of times with the lyrics. And a couple of our songs both ended up being kind of apocalyptic. It almost turned into a concept EP, if that’s even a thing. But it’s loud. It’s fun.

Tell me about these apocalyptic songs.
Shawn: I wrote “River Bed.” I watched The Road. And I wrote a song with the same kind of feel but with you and your lover. Your lover dies and how that would be. [Gravey] wrote a song that’s the start to an apocalypse . . . mine would be the aftermath and watching the world die.

Why do you think guys mesh so well together as a band?
Shawn: A lot of bands, and this is good in a sense, will come in and it’s all about business. We’ve got to get this done, practice, practice, practice. We can say we’re going to practice tonight and sit here and drink all night and talk and maybe get 20 minutes of practice in. I think that helps a lot. Or two hours of clowning on Metallica [laughter].
Gravey: It definitely helps with all our tastes being different. It kind of makes us sound like nobody else really. Just pulling different influences. For instance, I’m more into singer songwriter kind of stuff and Shawn’s more into post punk. Travis loves the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

What album are you guys really diggin right now?
Shawn: I’m really digging Black Mountain IV because it has awesome fuzzy guitars. I’ve been playing guitar so long that I started getting into analog synthesizers. On the way back from a Sturgill (Simpson) show I listened to them on Spotify. I had never heard them before and it had one of those bad ass Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon synth solos. It sounds like something from the 70s but it doesn’t sound dated.
Travis: Emily’s D+Evolution by Esperanza Spalding. All of them are so talented individually. That album also has the push and pull that I like.
Gravey: Honestly, I’m still stuck on Susto’s & I’m Fine Today. It came out in January but I still listen to it at least once a week. Every song on it is fantastic. I think I like it a lot because our singing styles are similar especially when I do solo stuff on the acoustic. I’m a sucker for good singer songwriters because I don’t feel like I am one.

What can we expect from the show October 7th?
Shawn: I’m hoping that we’re going to bring something we haven’t heard before and no one else has heard before. There’s going to be some of the same songs that people have heard before but I’m hoping there’s going to be some stuff in between.
Gravey: I think with any of our shows you definitely expect to move around a little bit, have a good time, drink a few beers.


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