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An Interview With Great Peacock

Great Peacock will be performing at The Library Ballroom on Saturday, August 19!

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Great Peacock, out of Nashville, blends the sounds of Folk, Country, and Rock with a show that cannot be missed. The band will be performing at The Library Ballroom on Saturday, August 19 here in Macon. We got to catch up with founding member Andrew Nelson and pick his brain about the past, present and future of the band and their musical influences.

You’re playing The Library Ballroom this Saturday, August 19, have you had the chance to play Macon before?
Oh yeah! We have a few times. We’ve played at Grant’s for Bragg Jam, we’ve played at the Cox Capitol to open for Drivin’ N Cryin’, and we played Coleman Hill for Second Sunday. I know we’ve played one or two other things there as well. I know we played in a garage once at some event [laughing]. We like Macon, every time we play there, people show up and like it, and we’re hoping people show up on Saturday night.

Tell me a bit about your debut album Making Ghosts.
Well, it came out a long time ago, so hopefully people still know who we are. We’re proud of that album, unfortunately, I think I took it a little hard at the time that it wasn’t more successful than it was commercially, but, that happens sometimes. We put everything we had into it and didn’t get the reach we had hoped for. We love that album, we’re proud of it. I’d say since then, the band has been a little bit different, going in a little more of a Rock N’ Roll direction, but not Hard Rock, but we still have elements of Country music in our shows.

Some people consider y’all a folk band but how would you try to label the music that you play?
Rock N’ Roll. We started off as sort of a Folk band but now we’re just Rock N’ Roll. And like I said, there’s elements of Country music in it as well, but you could have said the same about The Eagles and a lot of other bands that came out of Southern California in the ‘70’s. Rock is kind of a mix of Country and Blues anyway. We’re just trying to have a good time, and let others have a good time, hopefully make people dance some. Maybe have a beer or two [laughing].

 Tell me about the first time you and Floyd got together and started playing music.
We started playing music immediately, like the first night we ever met. We just met and instantly became best friends over night, it was really weird. We started writing songs together and found that we had very similar world views, liked all the same music. We have some slight difference in our musical tastes. He had more of an appreciation for, like, Emo [laughing], and more softer Indie singer/ songwriters, but he also loved Hank Jr. as much as anybody. We just got along and started making music together, and we’ve been doing that for 11 or 12 years now.

What were some of the influences that the two of you wanted to incorporate into your music?
I don’t know if we were smart enough to think about that, it was never planned. I think it’s just a thing that naturally comes out, because we were both really into Rock N’ Roll, Dylan, stuff like that. Some Garth Brooks on his side, Alabama, Hank Jr., a lot of what he grew up with. I’m probably coming at it more from a Creedence Clearwater Revival, to The Eagles, it’s just something about growing up in the South, growing up with this complete hodgepodge of music. To some degree we’ve always been a little bit calculated in what we’ve done, but not necessarily musical, but more style elements of what we’ve done. How can we make this song really loud and really soft, you know? We want to have songs that go up and down and are really dynamic, something that keeps your attention, something that you can sing a long on, getting the lyrics and melodies to stay in people’s heads, trying to have the song make someone feel a certain way. That’s the more important thing to us rather than paying homage to certain artists or influences. We try to be that way with our show, too, you know, how we craft a set list, the flow of the songs, that’s really important as well.

 When did This Is American Music Records come into the picture?
Probably about six to nine months, it started off as a real casual thing and then it slowly and slowly got more serious. It wasn’t a planned thing, it just kind of happened. We appreciate what they’ve done for us, they’ve really helped open some doors for us that would have been hard to do on our own.

What do y’all have planned for the rest of the year? Any plans to get back into the studio soon?
Not that I know of, maybe. We’re on the fence about that right now. We’ve already recorded a new album but it’s not out yet and we’re not sure when it will be out. We’re trying to find the right label to release it with, that’s priority number one, beyond anything. Trying to figure how and when we want to release our next album, which we’re really excited about and proud of. Between now and then, we do have a new song that we want to release, some time this fall. But other than that, we are going to play as many gigs as we can afford to play and get away from home for. I think the rest of 2017 won’t be too crazy for us, but I think 2018 will be a very big and busy year. We’re really excited about what we have the rest of the year, and we’re excited about being in Macon on Saturday, I’ve heard great things about the venue.


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