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An Interview With Faye Webster

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I know you been busy in the past few years. You were basically self taught at the age of 14 then released your first LP “Run and Tell”. What influenced you to get into music at such a young age?

 Well it kind of runs in the family. 

Of course being in Atlanta there are musical influences all around. You went on to Nashville and got into videography and photography. How did that happen?

That came from college. I took a photography class in college and that’s basically how I got into it. 

You’ve done a lot with Awful records and Ethereal. How did you get connected with them?

Ethereal’s been one of my best friends for a long time. We met probably about 3 years ago. That’s how I got introduced to Awful records and it just kind of went from there.

Your first LP was a lot more traditional Americana and Folk. With your latest album and tracks like “She won’t go away” your sound has changed a bit. Do you think Awful has had some influence on that?

Yeah I do. I think it’s encouraged me to change my songwriting some and definitely influenced me. I don’t want to release the same thing over and over so I think working with them has definitely opened my eyes to that kind of stuff.

Transitioning from the more traditional Alt-country/Americana sound from your LP to the more 70s pop rock sound now was there a certain sound or vibe you wanted for this record?

No. Not necessarily. That was the first song we recorded so that gave us a good idea of how we wanted to attack the rest of the record. So, it was definitely a good starter.

What’s the next more for you? Writing, plans for touring?

 Yeah were touring all of November with Julia Jacklin. We’re doing 2 weeks in the U.K. And two in the US. I’m going to put out another single before then too. So those are our two main things. 

Do you see yourself continuing to work with Awful and some of the artists like Lil’ Yachty and Killer Mike or just focus on your music?

Definitely do both. Awful is definitely my family. Kind of just playing it by ear right now to see where I need to be. 

Being from Atlanta do you think the dirty south hip-sound has influenced you as a musician?

Yeah. Definitely. I do. 

With your family having a background in music, and your hip hop influence now, where do you think the sound from your first LP came?

Well my family originates from Texas so that’s kind of where it started. I took my roots from Texas then started to incorporate some of that Atlanta sound into my music. 


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