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An Interview with Becca Mancari

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Based out of Nashville, Americana artist Becca Mancari has been making waves with her single “Summertime Mama.” It was recently announced that Mancari would be teaming up with Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes for a group project, and that Mancari would be releasing her own solo album Good Woman this fall. Mancari will be performing at Bragg Jam on Saturday, July 29 at Gallery West, located on Third Street, at 6pm. Go check out this up-and-coming singer and songwriter for what is one of the best days of the year for live music in Macon!

So where are you right now? Are you on the road or did you just finish touring?

It’s been a whirlwind week. I just had my announcement for the record coming out in October. I’m in Nashville right now where I’ve had some shows with this band I’m working with, so I’ve been around town for the last week or so.

Tell me about this new project you’re working on with Brittany Howard.

Honestly, we’re all really good friends, me, Jessie, and Brittany, we just got through drinking on a porch, hanging out, and we kind of just say it’s our last show and see what happens, but that’s really all I can say about it. It is what it is, you kind of just have to see it, and I don’t know if we’ll ever see it again.

 You’ve lived in a lot of different places over the course of your life, how do you feel this has attributed to the different sounds you incorporate into your music?

I feel like I have always been, that I live through experience, so I have to believe that sounds and writing all kind of come together to make you have a feeling, and I think that with our record, and the way that I write, I hope that I make people, you know, invoke an emotion. But even just down simply to, like, my steel player plays the steel, he doesn’t play like a traditional country, it looks like a set up for someone who’s playing the pedal steel but he plays just like a Radiohead guy, it’s really interesting.

 I really like the first single you released “Summertime Mama,” tell me about the making of that track.

“Summertime Mama” came through, it’s probably one of my most lighthearted, semi-true story of having a crush on a girl in town, and her just messing around with me for a little while. I mean [laughing], that’s the truth of it. It was one of those things where, you know, we’re actually good friends now, and we joke about it. You can figure out who it was if you do a little research, but it’s a friend of mine. But we’re all good, we laugh about it now.

 Last year you were named as one of the nine artists to watch at AmericanaFest, what was that experience like for you as an up-and-coming musician?

I can’t explain to you what it means for us to have NPR on your side. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. It’s the thing that I care about the most. I mean to me, as a little girl, and as an adult, that’s the station that I would listen to and dream about.

Yeah, they have a really loyal fanbase.

Oh my God, it’s the most loyal, and I will be loyal until the end with them. But it was very organic, and it was through a friend of mine, actually, who’s in another band, Hurray For The Riff Raff, is a really good friend of Ann Powers, and she told me “Ann would really love your music so I’m going to e-mail her,” and Ann literally cold-called me, she texted me [laughing]. She goes, “Hey is this Becca? This is Ann Powers from NPR, we just want to feature you in ‘All Songs Considered,’” and I can remember, I think I threw my phone. It was wild.

 You’re playing the Bragg Jam Concert Crawl this year, have you ever been through Macon before? Are there any other bands that you’re hoping to catch while you’re in town?

So, this is my first time to Macon, I have been to Savannah a lot, and I have a lot of friends there. For some reason, there’s a draw for me to Georgia right now, like I feel like that’s where we’re going to keep playing a lot, and I’m excited to say that. Also, I think there’s a few different bands from Nashville that are going down there for Bragg Jam. I had some friends the other day tell me they would see me there, like Okey Dokey is playing, like a bunch of great people from home, so it’s going to be really sweet. This happens a lot, where a bunch of us from Nashville end up at the same place and just hang in other cities. But I’m excited to be in Macon and it’s going to be great to spend time in that city, I’ve heard a lot about it throughout the years.



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