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Growler USA: True to the Brew

A riddle: Why did the Mercer football fan cross the road? Answer: To get to the growler on the other side.

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Growler USA has taken the old campfire song 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall to heart, done it one better, and created the craft brewpub of a tailgater’s dreams. The concept is deliciously simple: Offer a mouthwatering menu of upscale pub-grub plus more than 100 local craft beers and beverages on tap, and wrap it all up in a family-friendly atmosphere with a super chill vibe.

The franchise, which originated in Denver, Colorado, is 38-hot right now, tapping into the national thirst for local homebrew-style suds and ciders on tap, accompanied by great food. New locations are springing up almost daily – including in our neck of the woods – and Growler USA Macon is now officially open for business.

Located on Mercer University Drive across from Five Star Stadium, Growler USA, Macon is already filling up fast during lunch and dinner and fast becoming a hot watering hole for beer and burger lovers. Owner Danny Patel recently sat down with us to discuss what sets Growler USA apart from other brewpubs.

What is the Growler USA motto “True to the Brew” all about?
We are advocates for the craft beverage community. We support the craft beer movement in America and believe craft beverage makers have a specific intent for how their product is to be enjoyed.

Is the menu of gourmet burgers, yummy apps, and beer-infused tasty bits devised to pair with your selection of on-tap beers, ciders, wine, etc.? All recipes in Growler USA’s cookbook of quality comfort cuisine were selected because they complement our craft beverages.

Malty beers, like brown ales, bocks, porters and stouts, are best complemented by grilled, roasted and smoked foods. Malt-forward beers like spice, and vice-versa. Bitter, hoppy brews intensify spice and heat. With those, the tongue prefers rich and fatty food. Cheese goes well with just about anything. Because the flavors in craft beers are so full, often, the best complements are lighter dishes like chicken and pasta.

Cider is a huge thing right now – what are people ordering right now from your cider menu?
Some of these amazing examples of American craft ciders our customers are loving:

  • Ace Pineapple – the world’s first ever Pineapple cider.
  • Harpoon – Harpoon Cider is crafted from only one ingredient: freshly pressed apples.
  • Wyndridge Crafty Cranberry Cider – This is a more sophisticated beverage – crafted in the spirit of a traditional Champagne-style hard cider and made with local Pennsylvania pressed apples, yeast and real cranberry juice. The result is a fresh, clean, cranberry-hard cider.

Anything out of the ordinary on your bev menu?
Mead! Mead is quite possibly the oldest alcoholic drink in history (and may have been accidentally discovered when old tree stumps serving as homes for honey bees were flooded during the rains and the fermentation process took place naturally). Honey itself has been held as a sacred food for thousands of years; interestingly, it’s the only food found in nature that never spoils! Mead can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – chilled, iced, at room temperature, or warmed. These variations change the flavor, mouth feel, and personality of the mead. Our meads pair well with fish, meats, vegetarian meals, cheeses, and desserts.

Do you guys have any special events planned for upcoming game days at Mercer?
The Growler USA Macon Family is thrilled to join the Mercer University Family through the sponsorship of the Mercer University Athletics Program. Our goal is to grow and build a relationship between both programs, while providing the highest quality beverages and food possible.







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