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Live & Local with The Bearcats

Catch The Bearcats at Wellston Station July 15th and Billy’s Clubhouse July 28!

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While The Bearcats offer a mixture of original and cover songs during their live performances, they also boast a fun and energetic presence to boot. The Bearcats, Will Davis (bass/lead vocals). T.J. Wayt (guitar/backup vocals), Cliff Cranford (guitar/backup vocals) and Dustin McDearmid (drums), will be performing July 15th at Wellston Station and are also set to play Bragg Jam later this month. I talked with the band about their music style, writing and croissants.

How did The Bearcats start?
T.J.: The Bearcats was formed last summer at a community pool. The band had already been in the works as a no name three-piece, with Dustin, Will and myself. Then we met Cliff.
Dustin: Will was my neighbor for a while and wouldn’t leave me alone so we started chilling everyday. Then TJ moved into my house without asking.

How do you go about writing songs?
Dustin: We all love jamming so most of the time one of the guys will have something they have been working on and we just get a 12 pack and get to work.
T.J.: I’d like to think we all bring a different kind of style to the band, so we kind of just mash that together and call it a song. Sometimes the 12 pack jam session works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Cliff: I go with the flow. I rarely even show up to practice, so they end up having to drink four beers apiece instead of three, and that’s just counterproductive.
Will: Yeah, being in the right state of mind is really important for the music we do. On a side note, Cliff not coming to practice coined his nickname, “Croissant”. Because he’s flaky.

What inspired you to be a musician?
T.J.: Nothing has ever made me feel the way music does. I don’t want to lose that feeling by changing paths or careers because I know nothing will ever do the same thing for me.

How would you describe your music style?
T.J.: We pride ourselves on being loud. Is that a style? I mean really, we just mix catchy hooks with psychedelic rock. Lots of jam time, solid lyrics, and a fun show.
Will: Drunken buffoons with instruments.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in the Middle Georgia music scene right now?
Dustin : I think the Creek has been such an exciting and beneficial thing for the local music scene. So many of my friends have been interviewed, performed on air live, and had their music play over the radio waves. The teamwork and support everyone has for one another in Middle Georgia is incredible.

What are you currently working on?
Dustin : We are just trying to stay busy and have fun. We plan on putting out some songs later this fall as well.
T.J.: Just getting our gear game up and writing new material. We’re constantly adding covers to our repertoire and we’re trying to play songs people don’t usually hear when they go out. A perfect combination of original material, recognizable material, and deep cuts is what we strive for.
Cliff: Showing up for practice.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Bragg Jam?
T.J.: I’m really excited to see Gringo Star, who I’ve seen many times before. Other than that, there are a ton of incredible local bands on the bill. A bunch of them are good friends of ours. Dustin actually plays in Choir of Babble as well, another local band playing at Bragg Jam, and I’m always excited to see those guys. American Blvd and One Horse Parade are a couple other bands you really don’t want to miss. One Horse Parade will be with us at Wellston Station actually.

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