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Live and Local with Walk Through Walls

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Walk Thru Walls is propelling the Macon music scene in a new direction with garage rock tunes, dark and magnetic like indulging in a guilty pleasure. Their current recordings display lyrical craftsmanship sometimes sounding as smooth as an ocean wave or catchy, whimsical, and gritty like songs such as “Neon Feline” or “Fire In Her Eyes.” Although Walk Thru Walls has been together for a while, the band is coming into its own adding a fourth member, Daniel Walker (guitar), along with original members John Ahearn (vocals, guitar), Casey Meadows (bass) and Wes Cook (drums). I talked with Walk Thru Walls about songwriting, Britpop, and delving into Macon’s music scene.


Tell me about the background of Walk Thru Walls.


Wes: John and I started in 2010. We met at a party and had a lot of the same musical interests. He’s a guitarist, I’m a drummer, so he said let’s jam. He’s got a farm down in Fort Valley and we hungout. Right away it was just chemistry. And then we added Casey and now we added Danny. It’s been a work in progress just getting the right pieces together.


Tell me about your inspiration for songwriting.


John: The lyrics can be pretty deep. I lost my parents. My mom five years ago and just lost my dad in May. So I like to bring about some life in music. Some of it’s pretty fun. Some of it’s pretty sad. What inspires me to write is the sound. To hear it come together in a room with other people that have the same vision and same song ideas, it gives me satisfaction to come up with something on guitar and bring it to a group of people that are going to bring it to life. And just the drive to get out there and play it live is what it’s all about for me.


What kind of music did you guys grow up listening to and how do you think that has translated into what you’re playing now?


Daniel: I definitely grew up with my parent’s music. I listened to a lot of everything from Doo Wop and Motown to a lot of classic rock. My parents were rock and rollers when they were young and my dad played music. The Beatles were like a religion in my family. If somebody said The Beatles were stupid or overrated they just weren’t allowed in our house anymore. I’m not even joking; like that was fightin’ words to my parents.


Casey: I came into my own, listening to music. It was punk rock. And then how I relate that to this music is like I’m old now. It’s still got the punk rock vibe of how we approach songs and play. It’s still got a lot of energy to it.


John:  I think it has a lot to do with our old influences like The Beatles, The Kinks, and The [Rolling] Stones.  And then you have a lot of stuff that came out when we were kids like Nirvana and The Pixies.


Wes: I think mine came because my parents weren’t into rock and roll. They were into some cool stuff like the Bee Gees and Elton John, but my mom was a big jazz nut and my dad was into country. And I appreciated all aspects of that but I also I was able to go find my own thing.


How do you think your band stands apart in the Middle Georgia music scene?


Daniel: Since I’ve joined the band it’s been like a regroup.  Even the old songs that we’re playing now have to be slightly re-imagined.  I knew right off the bat when I met Johnny that he was so much different than everything that everybody was doing around here. I appreciate that so much. . . Johnny and I were definitely into British music. And we all like Oasis and a lot and stuff with that sort of vibe. That’s just not something you get out of here. So I knew that not only did I like it so much, I knew it would stand out.


John: When I first moved here we went to see Citizen Insane. They had a really cool kind of dark vibe. That was the only band that I’d seen that tried to pull that off. I’m from Atlanta, I grew up with my buddy Kyle Gordon who’s in the band MammaBear. Some of the bands like All the Saints and stuff like that in the scene were really grungy, dirty, and heavy. I got into Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Jesus and Mary Chain and stuff like that. And that vibe to me has got that larger than life approach.


Wes: I’d say we’re set apart because me and John, and Dan too, grew up on the 90s Britpop scene and we love The Beatles and all those bands. But we’re putting all that into this, but it’s still rock and it’s got blues. So I feel like we’ll fit right in, but we will stand apart as far as how we do it.


Walk Thru Walls live @ The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom June 30 @10pm

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  1. Bruce
    June 30, 2017 at 1:53 am

    A Macon, GA band and not a one of the folks in the band mentioned the Allman Brothers Band as an influence. Disturbing in so many ways.