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February marks the one year anniversary of the band Hindsight.  Most of the bandmates, who have known each other since high school, are celebrating their first album release, Out of Touch, next month at the Cox Capitol Theatre. The four members, Caleb Melvin (guitar, vocals), Jake Victor (guitar), Brent McKinney (bass), and Hunter Pettis (drums) have a gamut of musical backgrounds from southern rock to hardcore influences, but their new album promises to provide lots of energy with a passionate, personal undertone.  Caleb and Jake spoke with me about recording their first album, their steps for the future, and The Dukes of Hazzard.  I also spoke with Caleb about the intimate nature of his writing and how memories and hardships resonate throughout the lyrics in Hindsight’s new album.  

What was the most surprising part of recording this album?

Caleb:  One thing that kind of surprised me was some of the songs that we weren’t too terribly focused on ended up coming out sounding almost better than some of the songs that we spent a lot of time on.

Jake: I feel like it was a lot more professional and the album turned out sounding a lot more solid than we expected.

Why do you think the songs that you didn’t focus on as much came out sounding better?

Caleb:  The nonchalant attitude about some of the music. For example, we have a song called “Lyrics” that was the first track off of the album that we heard. And we were like holy crap this is great! It’s not like we had it on the back burner or anything but I was kind of shocked because we didn’t really spend that much time on it. We did almost everything for that album in pretty much one take.  It’s almost like the the less you focus on it, the easier it comes I guess.

How would you sum up the album?

Caleb: I would say that there’s a song for everybody. There are a couple of different styles that are on this record.  It’s kind of of deep. There’s some very personal songs on the record.

Jake: It has a very good touch of energy but emotion in some of the songs at the same time.

Could you tell me about one of those personal songs?

Caleb: I have to say the most personal track is “The Boys”. It’s just an acoustic song; it’s just me and an acoustic guitar. But my mother is a recovering meth addict. And so that has been very influential in my songwriting. I try to be transparent when I’m writing songs and not really hold anything back and describe things in a stylish manner. I mean I’m open about things that I go through in life and moments of happiness or moments of depression or whatever it may be.  I want to tell people about me and what’s going on in my life and then try to relate to others through that. Because granted I’ve had stuff happen in my life that hasn’t been necessarily great, but I’ve got it so much better than a lot of other people have. So, I try not to sound like a whiner when I’m writing my music, but at the same time try to keep it real.

Your album cover is a bunch of pictures of you guys as kids. Was there any particular reason you chose to use those pics?

Caleb:  The whole out of touch thing is lyrics from the song “The Boys.” Some of the album of has to do with feeling out of touch from the things that have been remembered from my childhood and just feeling out of touch with myself. We got a bunch of pictures from our childhood and laid it out on the floor and took a picture with a camera and it just turned out really well.

Do you think that doing this album has, in a way, reconnected you or made you feel not as out of touch?

Caleb: I think there are still times in my life I just stop and think how did I get here? I feel like I just woke up or something and it’s weird. One of my favorite things to do is to dig into my memory and try to remember things from my past, from my childhood.  I’m not going to say that I necessarily feel more in touch or more out of touch than I did when we started recording the album. But I definitely feel more at ease about some things.

How has the album changed you as musicians?

Jake: It’s shown us what you have to do to get to the next level. It’s a cool experience because it’s one thing to play shows and get a fan base, but there’s a point where you start recording an album and people get excited and it makes you realize you’re making progress.

What’s next for Hindsight?

Caleb: I’ve started the writing process for that. We’ve already got six or seven songs that we’re working on. Right now we’re trying to set up a tour for the summer.  We’re actually playing Dukesfest.  Because Cooter from the original The Dukes of Hazzard  show is Jake’s uncle.

Hindsight album release party March 11th, 8pm @ Cox Capitol Theatre

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