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Election 2016: The Biggest Reality Show In History

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Wow is about the only way of describing the 2016 Presidential Election up until this point. Only in the 2016 election could the candidate who has openly admitted to using marijuana on a regular basis be considered more honest or normal than either of the two major candidates. Trump, God help us, has had scandal after scandal hit in recent weeks as women are coming out of the woodwork saying he’s done everything from sexual harassment to unwanted advances to looking at a woman with lust in his heart. Clinton on the other hand, has breathed a huge sigh of relief every time a new charge has popped up on Trump because they continue to overshadow her own misdeeds as laid out by her campaign chairman John Podesta in the Wikileaked emails and her own husband’s sorted past.

I won’t go into any of the allegations specifically but I will say that somehow our value system got screwed up, didn’t it? How is it that Bill Clinton can be accused of rape, pay off Paula Jones over $800,000 get a blow job in the Oval Office but Trump is made to look like Caligula? Further, I think the whole timing of all of these allegations makes all of them suspect.

Readers know that I am certainly no Donald Trump fan, but you have to ask yourself why these didn’t come out during the primaries. He certainly pissed everyone off enough then that someone should have been able to find these witnesses or at the very least produce the infamous Billy Bush recordings. (Remember who Trump’s biggest enemy was during the primary season…None other than Billy Bush’s first cousin Jeb.) I honestly wish that they had come out during the primaries because we might not have him as our nominee, but we are stuck with the hands that we are dealt, no matter how small they are. (That was my homage to my chosen candidate Marco Rubio, who stated Trump’s hands were small and there might be a correlation between the size of another part of The Donald.)

Yesterday I was shocked when I saw that a Republican County Headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina had been firebombed. Today it was released that not only was a Molotov Cocktail volleyed at the building but the perpetrator also left a message in spray paint: “Nazi Republicans Leave Town or Else” and of course left the biggest symbol of hate in the history of mankind, a swastika. If this had been a Democrat Headquarters Rachel Maddow, Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper would be doing live remotes from the charred rubble and Al Sharpton would be yelling that it looks like a return to the days of Birmingham. Instead, as it was a Republican office that was burned there’s really no outrage by the masses.

There is no question there is a huge double standard when it comes to politics as most of the time Democrats who do wrong are handled with kid gloves while Republicans are swung at with gloves with lead weights in them. Ted Kennedy can stagger away from a car with his secretary in it who drowns and then runs successfully several times for US Senator in Massachusetts and even runs for President. Herman Cain is accused by two women to have inappropriate relationships and he’s forced out of a Presidential race. Juanita Broaddrick accuses Bill Clinton of rape and is called everything under the sun except truthful while Jessica Leads accuses Donald Trump of groping her on an airplane in front of several witnesses, yet the press gives her more credibility than they ever did Broaddrick. For the record, I am not saying that Trump didn’t commit any of the things he’s accused of. What I am saying is that there seems to be a blind eye when it comes to a Democrat but the same eye can see very clearly through a microscope while looking at a Republican. All of that being said the only thing that is 1000% credible and reliable is the video and audio of Donald Trump with Billy Bush. “Locker room talk” or not, he should know better than to spout off his dumb ass to a reporter, whose job it is, is to record and report the statements given. But is this alone enough to vote against Trump in favor of Secretary Clinton who’s questionable decisions with her emails should have by all accounts, most likely led her into prosecution? It is also now being reported that there are FBI files showing that Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, no relation to the Kennedy of Chappaquiddick, offered a Quid Pro Quo of new jobs by placing FBI agents in countries that they are not allowed to go to and pressured the FBI to declassify an email from Hillary Clinton’s email server. Ultimately, Kennedy was denied but he then took his plea further up command, where he was shot down again. Oh yeah, it was this guy who along with then-Secretary of State Clinton apparently refused to add more security that ultimately led to the death US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.

The 2016 Presidential Election has become the biggest and most costly reality show in the history of the republic, only in this real life Hunger Games the winner gets the most power of anyone in the free world while the loser becomes the American people, no matter which one them comes out on top. Both major parties were hijacked into nominating subpar nominees, one with the ethics of an alley cat, the other with the libido of one. The American people deserve better but we have allowed this to happen and unfortunately we now all have to suffer the consequences. If Clinton wins, contrary to what some are saying, Democracy will go on, albeit in a more corrupt manner. If Trump wins, contrary to what some are saying, there won’t be Storm Troopers or Brown Shirts knocking on your door asking for citizenship papers. There will be changes no matter who wins but our country will survive it. We survived the invasion of the British in 1812, a Civil War, the impeachment proceedings of three presidents, a Supreme Court decision that gave us an election outcome in 2000 and Barack Obama. We will survive.

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