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Malaria Jack Ellis Rides Again! A Sequel You Have To Read To Believe!

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I cannot believe I have to update “The Return of Malaria Jack” again. When I originally wrote this column in 2010 I would have never imagined in my worst nightmare that 6420 lost and misguided souls would have actually cast a ballot for our former mayor Jack Ellis in the primary election on July 19, 2010. (There were 2 additional voters I did count on, Jack and his wife. Ellis actually received 6422 votes.) Back in September, 2010 when I wrote this I felt a sickness coming on. I had been getting headaches, chills, and muscle pain, the sweats, along with fatigue accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Six years ago Jack had made it to a runoff against Mayor Reichert and my symptoms had doubled…maybe even tripled in their intensity. If you Googled all of these symptoms, you would most likely think that I was coming down with malaria. I knew at the time I had another explanation for my illness: The return of “Clarence Jack Hakim Olajuwon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Belks Macys Mansour Ellis.”

Two failed attempts at running for mayor and an aborted Sheriff’s race later, Jack “settled on” Jack’s being a candidate for Bibb County Tax Commissioner and my previous malaria symptoms now more closely resemble a raging case of the clap, only in Ellis’ case a shot of penicillin won’t make him go away. After showing up at qualifying with TWO checks – one for Sheriff and one for Tax Commissioner, Ellis has relaunched a campaign we are all too familiar with at this point – a long string of press conferences where he issues general, no-facts-or-numbers-needed indictments against his political opponent du jour, and when pressed for details “he will work it out.” It reminds me of the “good ol’ days.”

Ahhhhh yes, can we all recall a return to the “glory” years of Macon under the Ellis Administration? Let me see….I recall Jack getting Macon about 28 sister cities all over the globe, including one in Ghana. Ghana??? Did anybody else ask WTF when he pulled off that one? What about all the times Jack went on “goodwill” and “fact-finding” missions to Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Uganda and Cameroon. (I don’t think poor ole’ Mayor Reichert has even made it to the Big Pig Jig in Vienna.) Or maybe the time when Jack was pulled over by a Macon police officer as he rushed down Vineville Avenue in his city issued car equipped with a flashing red light that was never approved for his use…(That one made the Neal Boortz Show and got us much needed national attention.)

Then of course there was the time in 2007 when Clarence Jack Ellis converted from Christianity to Sunni Muslim and renamed himself. Don’t you all think this is what we all in Macon need to return to? (Another mention on the Boortz show… and I think this one actually got on CNN if I remember right.)

Back in 2008, a year after Ellis left office, then U.S. Attorney Max Wood found that the Ellis Administration had misused federal funds and also made false statements to government officials.

Let us not forget the out of wedlock child he fathered to a young lady in Warner Robins or the fact that he openly embraced convicted child molester Dwight “Malachi” York and the Nuwabians. (Please see the picture.)

And last, but certainly not least, does anyone remember the letter of solidarity that Ellis sent to the Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez? That one certainly made CNN along with almost every other news outlet on the planet. I mean after all, Jack got us all the attention Macon could ever want! And for free!!! Way to go, you nitwit. And you want to now be the person responsible for collecting and managing $170 million?

(I didn’t even mention the fact that Ellis tried to steal the portrait of Otis Redding that ‘Machine Gun’ Ronnie Thompson had commissioned. Well, I guess I just did mention it.)

Macon-Bibb has turned the corner and is actually looking good again. Mercer is revitalizing the entire downtown and the very important corridor to East Macon, the Bears have put us on the map and just seem to get better and better.

We have new businesses starting to come in again and our school system seems to be heading in the right direction thanks to a fantastic interim Superintendent names Steve Smith and our current Superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones. The one thing we continue to be cursed with is Jack Ellis: a corrupt, incompetent politician that just won’t go away no matter how many figurative stakes are driven into his heart. With all of this going against us, do we really stand a chance in competing for industry? Do we really stand a chance in being selected as a family’s new home destination? Does Macon really need C. Jack Ellis back at the helm of anything?

Hell no! Wake up people! Jack has already come back to his old ways. Leopards can’t change their spots. Tigers can’t change their stripes. Ellis can’t change his character as easily as he changed – and changed again – his religion and his name.

Then there’s the blatant lying to Macon-Bibb residents. It’s something we’ve come to expect from Jack, but it’s not something we can afford to let slide in a man who wants to be vested with collecting and managing $170 million. When asked during one of his many, many previous mayoral runs by The Telegraph’s Julie Hubbard if he had in fact changed his name, Ellis stated that “No, I didn’t change my name. My name is C. Jack Ellis,” and claimed that media reports of the name change were reported from “someone else.”

Strange thing the Internet is. I found a 2007 interview that Ellis did with WMAZ’s Randall Savage. In the article, Savage wrote, “he’ll be going through the legal process of changing his name. His new name will be Hakim Mansour Ellis. The former mayor said he kept his last name to maintain “family ties.” Ellis was later quoted as saying “I’m the same person even though I’ll be changing my name.” Since he was technically Hakim Mansour Ellis at that point, maybe Hakim was the “someone else” Jack was talking about? Again I ask: WTF? In 2003, Malaria Jack won re-election by a substantial margin over a virtually unknown Republican candidate. What people don’t remember about that race however was the extremely high turn out of write-in votes that the Libertarian hero of the massage parlors, David Corr, was able to get. Corr received the highest amount of write-ins in Georgia history and actually carried a several precincts in North Macon. This should tell everyone what a bad idea Jack Ellis was and still is. Electing Jack in 1999 was like going to your refrigerator and taking a big drink of milk only to find it was sour. In 2003 we took another big gulp of the same sour milk. The milk was rancid by the 2011 race, and a major health threat by Ellis’ 2013 mayoral run. I sincerely hope that the people of Macon can remember the aftertaste. Now Jack wants to be the steward in the collection of $170 million dollars per year of OUR tax dollars.

Since his announcement, Ellis has had two news conferences and during both of them Jack waived newspaper and swore to us that when he was Tax Commissioner he was going to do things different. The problem is both of the things Jack said he was going to do are illegal according to Macon-Bibb county code. As usual, Jack couldn’t even muster a simple Google search, nor talk to anyone in charge of such operations, nor even ask around among community leaders if maybe leaving garbage to pile up in the streets for unpaid fees was a GOOD idea before calling the press conference.

You might remember his first proposal was to tell Bibb County Tax Commissioner Wade McCord to stop putting liens on homes if people don’t pay their garbage bills; the second was a proposal to stop garbage pickup for people who are not paying their garbage bills. The guy is just a plain ass knucklehead but at least he’s consistent in his incompetency. Since Wade McCord is not a politician – he’s just a quiet, hard-working Airborne Ranger and Georgia National Guard member, a 21 year veteran of the Tax office he now runs, and is a longtime South Bibb County homeowner, dedicated husband, father of two amazing boys and an active face around South Bibb’s Liberty United Methodist Church. While Jack Ellis has been working hard to get camera time the last two decades, Wade McCord has been quietly working hard to serve our families and our businesses.

McCord’s hardest jobs at this point might be taking Ellis serious, but make no mistake about it: Ellis is a serious threat to McCord and to the taxpayers of Bibb County. Jack wants you to forget the fact that McCord has over 20 years experience in the Tax Commissioners office. He also wants you to forget that McCord is actually part of the community, married to a Macon native, and not a part-time resident like Jack is.

One last thing I want you to look at and remember is that Commissioner McCord as a first time candidate has raised well over $50,000. These reports are public record and I encourage you to go pull them to see how many respected business and faith leaders have put their money where their mouth is to help Wade run a professional, respectable campaign.

But Jack has only showed that he has raised $800. Don’t feel sorry for him though as Jack has a well known track record of hiding money. After doing some digging, a confidential source has told me of some incidents that happened over at Overtime Bar and Grill over on Pio Nono Avenue during the last mayoral campaign. According to bar regulars Jack’s campaign was well known for the practice. In my sources words, “Regular patrons of the bar say they know without a doubt thousands and thousands of dollars in cash were given to Jack and his full-time campaign consultants/staffers who worked out of the bar with their only goal to get as many patrons to fill out absentee ballot requests as possible – and yet not a penny of that was found in Jack’s report.”

Yes, it’s rumor, and no, no charges were ever officially filed. Mayor Reichert ran a positive campaign and Wade McCord is also running a strictly positive campaign, he says, and is clearly an upstanding citizen who probably would not ever sling mud on an opponent – no matter how well-deserved it was. But these kinds of stories seem to follow Jack, and too many of them have proved to be true over the decades. And THIS time Jack wants to be the ONLY guy in charge of collecting and managing $170 million.

And this is the guy who can’t wait to get his grubby hands on your money…Don’t let him! I highly suggest and beg you to vote for Tax Commissioner Wade McCord!

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  1. David Cousino
    April 20, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Same ole same ole when will Macon voters realize the good ole boys run this place. Just like now 13WMAZ said Robert Reichert has no opponent since Lonzy Edwards out. I am a qualified candidate for mayor, you just have to Write in DC OR DAVID COUSINO for mayor.

  2. JAB
    April 20, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    This is like a bad dream that occurs infrequently, but is just as miserable each time. I really hope people vote with their brain on this.

  3. Janice Bettencourtt
    April 21, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    enjoyed the read…I came here in 2000 and thought I was moving to a city that was about to take off and be a great place to live. Before long, our mayor, and his drawers were on the sidewalk because he did not want to pay for his house. OUR mayor was being evicted. What a way to get Macon to grown.

  4. Mike Lewis
    April 26, 2016 at 12:20 am

    I hate that he continues to try and “serve” Macon….Jack, we just don’t need your help. You nearly put us in financial ruin while traveling all over the globe as you converted to Islam and made sister cities out of all stops. You were more interested in “being” mayor than doing the mayor’s job.

    I had the pleasure of being the person who served Mayor Ellis with his paternity suit as they wanted someone not associated with the city/county to do so. He wasn’t faithful to his wife and certainly not to the city of Macon or its citizens!

  5. April 26, 2016 at 9:42 am

    We don’t need C. Jack back in public office at any time. He just looks out for his own self and not for the people Macon-Bibb County understand when he left office as Mayor he took money believing to belong to the tax payers of Macon-Bibb County. You can’t trust a former used car sales man. Look at the so called sister cities we had. We gained nothing. Heard when he ran the city
    money went missing. Now he wants handle our tax money. I love my city. We can’t have a crook handling million of our tax money. So vote for someone esle.

  6. Who Me
    May 3, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Campaign slogan:
    C Jack Ellis… Hear Jack Lie…

  7. Jack Supporter
    May 4, 2016 at 2:02 am

    Jack will do an awesome job, he was th best mayor we’ve had to date! He has my vote

    • Bill Knowles
      May 9, 2016 at 6:11 pm

      You must be a part of Mr. Ellis family or a close friend to say that he’s the best mayor we’ve had to date. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, however misguided and wrong that it is.

  8. jeff
    May 12, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    Pretty sure that’s Jack Ellis, himself.