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Get to Know Danielle Suddreth

Who Danielle Sudderth - Native Roswell, GA - Occupation Director of Marketing, Cox Capitol Theatre

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A self-proclaimed nerd turned music buff, 26-year-old Danielle Sudderth made a life changing decision that not only put her on a path to living and working in Macon, it may have been the move that will one day take her to the top. Born in Roswell, Georgia, Sudderth spent most of her youth in Birmingham, Alabama. She was considered a happy, creative, adventurous kid with a deep appreciation and understanding of math and science. “I was always a science and math nerd in school,” she explained, “ I love nature, and formulas just make so much sense to me.” She graduated from UGA with a degree in genetics, however, it was her love of music that took her in a different direction.

“While living in Athens, I fell in love with the music industry. After graduating and working at a biopharma lab, I started working at the Georgia Theatre and took some classes in UGA’s Music Business Program. Then, I ended up here!” Here, as in Macon, Georgia – home to some of the most profound music icons in American music history. “Learning there could be a career for me in the live music scene was a big revelation to me. I’m so happy…and still a little scared…that I made the decision to quit a solid lab tech job to go back to school and work my way into the music industry. I’ll always appreciate my friends’ and family’s support with that, more than they will ever know!”

Though the move was life changing and a bit of the gamble, that decision has not only paid off for Sudderth, but also for Maconites and those in the surrounding counties. As the Director of Marketing for the Cox Capitol Theatre, Sudderth and the team from the Moonhanger Group have brought back a vibrant music scene of top billing to downtown Macon. “Macon has taught me a lot in a short amount of time. I’m still figuring this place out and my success at that differs every day. My favorite thing about Macon is the people who have welcomed my goofy self into this community. I also love being part of what seems to be a neat little cultural revolution here.”

Always on top of the music scene, Sudderth makes sure to spend her free time discovering what’s new and trending, “I go to as many concerts and music festivals as I can, mostly in Athens and Atlanta. I’m pretty much always listening to and discovering music,” she explained, “I also run a blog called Festival Survival Guide and I used to write for a few other music discovery sites – mostly hip hop and electronic music – I would love to get back into that type of blogging again.” When she is not blogging or attending concerts, she stays active by running, playing soccer, and walking her dog, Britta. But at the end of the day – it will always be the music, “Music festivals are my favorite places to patron. Hands down. And Red Rocks Amphitheater.  In Macon, there’s a good chance you’ll find me at Rookery, Dovetail, or El Camino with a beer when I don’t have a show to run at the Cox.”

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