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Meet Dr. Nicole Jackson

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I sat here for at least an hour trying to figure out how to begin this story. The problem is, I know Nicole, or Dr. Jackson, as many of you may know her. I’ve rubbed elbows with her at galas, I’ve laughed with her at a Leadership Macon social, I’ve bumped into her at the grocery store, I’ve even sat in her chair, as she calmed my nerves during a dental procedure. It’s hard to describe someone who carries herself with such poise and such confidence, and yet exudes an incredible amount of compassion for others. At the end of the day, Dr. Nicole Jackson is a caregiver- to her patients, to her family, and to our community.

She comes from humble beginnings in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her father spent over 20 years working in a chemical plant, while her mother stayed home to care for the children, and later worked as a seamstress from home. Though she is one of three children, she says she was raised almost as an only child. “I have a sister who Is 10 years older and a brother (now deceased) who was 8 years older; I grew up much like an only child because of the age difference between my siblings and I.”

Her mother was the driving force behind her determination to always push harder and do better. “She always instilled a strong sense of faith in me. As a result, I grew up always believing that anything is possible,” she explained, “She also did an excellent job of boosting my self-esteem. As a gifted student throughout my schooling, I always had great grades and I was always self-motivated. I don’t think my parents ever had to tell me to do my homework or study. At some point during my childhood, I became laser beam focused on setting myself up to always have options.”

That laser-like intensity is what pushed Jackson to go further and excel in her career. As a child, she thought she wanted to be a lawyer, that was, until she spent a day in Atlanta shadowing a corporate attorney. “The summer after my sophomore year of college was life changing. My brother-in-law, a local dentist, needed some help around the office and asked me to pitch in. I was happy to help, but had no idea that he would have me assisting him chair side during dental procedures. I instantly fell in love! That same summer, I shadowed a lawyer in Atlanta for a day and instantly fell out of love with the idea of a career as a lawyer!” From that point on, she dedicated her focus to pursuing a career in dentistry.

She decided to attend Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee. “My decision was based partly on my family legacy at Meharry (both my sister and brother-in-law are Meharry alumni). I was also overly impressed with their mission of serving the underserved.” But this wasn’t the end. She would also end up joining the United States Air Force. “The Air Force was an attractive option to me because their post-graduate training programs were the best in the country. This was also when I met my husband, Chris”

Fast forward a couple of years, and you have the Jackson 5 in Macon, Georgia. Not that Jackson 5, more like: Chris, Nicole, and their four children Alexis, Amaya, Elijah, and Carter. Outside of dentistry, her passion is her family. Dr. Jackson works for Northside Family Dentistry in Macon, as well as has an active involvement in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Joshua’s Wish Foundation, Macon Area Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Hospital Champions of Hope, United Way of Central Georgia, Central Georgia Tech’s Dental Hygiene Advisory Board, and Leadership Macon Alumnus (2014.)

Here are 11 Quirky Facts About Dr. Nicole Jackson:

*I’m very easy going

*I’m a perfectionist

*I enjoy mindless TV

*My undergraduate degree is in English writing

*I had three minors in college: Classical Studies, Biology, and Chemistry

*If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it…PERIOD

*I’d love to learn to fly a plane

*I don’t like eating at buffets

*I love Asian cuisine

*I love to stay up late at night

*I always see “the glass” as being half full

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  1. Antoinette Reid
    March 23, 2016 at 4:40 am

    Thank you for this article Mrs. Thurston. I’ve known Nicole Jackson for many years now through church and I too have sat in her dental chair. Her smile and warm demeanor is genuinely welcoming and her entire family is a joy to know. She is a woman of excellence enjoying family, faith, friendship and work.

  2. Tammy Humphries
    March 24, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Good article on a fabulous woman! Dr. Jackson has a tremendously caring heart, an infectious spirit of joy, and classy, fun demeanor. She lifts up those around her. I have the utmost respect for her.

  3. Newton Collier
    March 24, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Great story!