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Teddy Bear Chapter 12- The Alabama Getaway

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Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.07.02 AMI put my gun barrel into the back of the  state troopers head as he came in the door behind  another sherriff’s officer.

“Move and I’ll kill you both.” Garrison took his weapon.

“You little bastard I’m the Sherriff of this town.” The other officer turned around and looked right at me.

I walked up to him and took his weapon out of his holster and put the barrel up to his forehead and pulled the hammer back.

“Ya know,  I’ve always wanted to kill a Sherriff with his own gun.”

He didn’t say a word.

We sat the officers  down on the floor and used their own handcuffs on them.    About the time we finished doing that another armed security guard had come up to the front door with his pregnant wife in the car. T.G. had  them  tied up and stacked up like cordwood with the others before they knew what  was happening.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.06.55 AMWe  got back to robbing the place pretty fast.  T.G. had been gathering furs and jewelry up from the back closet, and I noticed every time he went back there, Bradford’s wife started pulling rings off her finger and offering them to him.  I could tell she was trying to distract him, so I just went over and took every ring she had off her hands, one of them ended up being a 15 carat solitaire worth about $75,000.  Pretty soon, T.G. Had found what she was trying to keep us from; shoeboxes filled with hundred dollar bills.  He had an old army duffel bag with him and he filled it slap full of cash.  My plan was to steal everything. Even the doorknobs at this place were gold plated and I wanted every damn one of them.  But when we saw all that money we knew it was time to go.

Garrison brought the Van up and we started loading it up.  I grabbed one of the security gaurds and threw him in the van with us for a little insurance. One the way out the door, I gave everyone the middle finger and we got in and headed down the mountain.

We didn’t know it at the time, but it would come out in Court that the Sherriff had fished an extra handcuff key out of his pocket, and gotten himself, and the state trooper, loose. They ran out and called it in.  We were on the road about five minutes before we had blue lights behind us.  I pulled the van right over, and as the officers approached TG opened the back door and showed them we had a hostage, put the gun to his head and told them to get on the ground.

We Took off.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.06.30 AMWe had a switch car parked at a motel that was owned by Bradford right outside of Gadsden. But when we got there, the fucker was gone. We’d find out later it had been stolen by a 16 year old kid and taken for a joy ride.  This changed everything.   The call was out to look for a Uhaul Van.  The town was too small to ditch it and hide.  We had to make a run for it, and when we did, it looked like half the cops in Alabama got behind us.   I didn’t speed, and I didn’t really have a plan.   But After about an hour I knew I needed some gas, so I pulled into a filling station, and when the boy came out to pump gas, I showed him my gun.

“Fill it up or I’ll Kill you.”

Cops were everywhere, all out of their cars, guns drawn.

“Get the fuck away from that van” The Cops were yelling at him.

He was too scared to move, and he gave me about 10 gallons of gas before I noticed the cops trying to block us in.    I floored it, pulling the line out of the tank and I took off through the grass and past the police cars.

Someone fired a shot.  Naturally, everybody else did too.

We wouldn’t find this out until later on, but they put over 100 bullet holes in that Van right there, even though we had a hostage in the back.  One grazed the back of my head, but no one else got hit.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.05.30 AMFrom that point on to say shit got hairy would be putting it mildly.  Cops were coming up  from everywhere, shooting at the van. Some would come at us head on and try to run us off the road.  In the end, the State Trooper we took hostage back at Bradford’s house is the one that would put it to an end. He come out of that house and caught up with the chase, and there at the end he’d drive up and put one in the back of my shoulder.  I doubt that’s where he was aiming.  It hurt me bad, and though I drove until I couldn’t anymore it was his shot that ended what we’d hear in court was the largest police chase in Alabama history.

I was combative with the paramedics trying to save my life, so they handcuffed me face down on the gurney while they tried to stop the bleeding.   I cussed them all for everything they were worth.  Later at the hospital and old War War II Vet was the emergency room doctor.   He kept asking me to watch my language, which only made it worse.   He had one of the male nurses hold my head down and the fucker sewed my mouth shut with sutures.
Inside Detective Magazine came down and did a story on the whole ordeal.  They called us “the Queasy Kneed Bandits.”   Now to this day I’d love to get my hands on that writer.  I’d love to ask him what’s “queasy kneed” about shooting it out with half the cops in the State of Alabama.

But all that mattered was this.  When it’s time to get caught, you’re caught.  And my ass was caught.

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