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Macon Film Festival July 16-19

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Macon Film Festival

Surrounded by a rich musical and southern culture, the Macon Film Festival celebrates independent films while promoting filmmaking for entertainment, inspiration, education, and economic development. For a complete schedule of events visit maconfilmfestival.com.

10th Annual Macon Film Festival

After another record-breaking year in 2014, the Macon Film Festival is heading in to its 10th year with a four-day festival planned for July 16th – 19th. The Macon Film Festival screens independent films from around the world in multiple historic theatres in the city’s downtown district. The festival features film screenings, celebrity guests, special screenings, and workshops throughout the festival weekend.

Festival Spotlight Films:

Programmer’s Choice Spotlight (Sunday, July 19th 1:30pm @ Douglass Theatre)

  • Title: Live from New York! (90:00)
  • Director:  Bao Nguyen
  • Synopsis: “Saturday Night Live” has been reflecting and influencing life in the United States for 40 years. Live From New York! goes deep inside this cultural phenomenon exploring the laughter that pulses through American politics, tragedy and popular culture. Live From New York! explores the early years of “Saturday Night Live”, an experiment from a young Lorne Michaels and his cast of unknowns, and follows its evolution into a comedy institution. The film looks at SNL as a living time capsule, encompassing decades of American politics, media, tragedy, and popular culture with an irreverent edge. Archival footage is interwoven with stolen moments and exclusive commentary from SNL legends, journalists, hosts, musical guests, crew and others influenced by the comedy giant. Live From New York! captures what has enabled SNL to continually refresh itself over nearly 800 episodes and keep America laughing for 40 years.

SOUTHERN DOC SPOTLIGHT (Friday, July 17th 3:00pm @ Cox Capitol Theatre)

  • Title: Western (92:00)
  • Directors: Bill Ross IV & Turner Ross
  • Synopsis:  For generations, all that distinguished Eagle Pass, TX, from Piedras Negras, MX, was the Rio Grande. But when darkness descends upon these harmonious border towns, a cowboy and lawman face a new reality that threatens their way of life.

FESTIE BESTIE SPOTLIGHT (Sunday, July 19th 10:00am @ Douglass Theatre)

  • Title: The Blind Boys of Alabama: How Sweet the Sound (95:00)
  • Director: Leslie McCleave
  • Synopsis: Directed and Produced by Leslie McCleave  Filmed over the course of ten years, How Sweet the Sound tells the story of The Blind Boys of Alabama. They met as children in the 1930’s at a state-run segregated vocational school and would become one of the last great gospel quartets, traversing the famed “gospel highway” and beyond. As the surviving band members recount their unlikely success story, we see a rare, frank view of life on and off the road with these renowned performers, now in their 70’s and 80’s.
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