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Imagine a bar in downtown Macon that smells of whiskey and wood, has a rustic Southern feel, and offers top of the line signature drinks without having to shout over loud music or become saturated by smoke. That bar is about to become a reality. Adam and Becky Dennis love

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I”m a seasoned Bragg Jam veteran.  I know that this schedule means nothing.  I know I’ll throw it to the wayside as soon as I see an old friend (David Wilson, call me) who wants to drink a cold beer (Budwieser) and  follow me around to see some good music (Abby

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Russ Cambell has been a friend of the 11th hour for a long time.  A Guitar Picker, a Rugby Player, and an all around good guy.  I have friends coming in from Florida for their 1st Bragg Jam. If I can herd these cats in time, this is our tentative

Rain or shine, bands spanning all genres take on a variety of stages across the city and put on one unforgettable show after another in a jam-packed, rock, blues, and soul-infused night. The Bragg Jam Festival isn’t just for live-music lovin’ night owls. During the day, Bragg Jam’s Arts &

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BEST NEW BUSINESS ROBINSON HOME Started by Carrie and Will Robinson the community has shown their support by buying their kitchenware as well as taking part in cooking classes. Will Robinson may very well be the best shopkeeper in Macon.  It’s rare to find someone as knowledegable and helpful as